Guyana signs a contract for intelligent process automation

1 February 2023

Guyana 's Ministry of Housing and Watersigned a US$202.9 million contract with Global Services Inc. to implement a unified and customized technology solution using the Decisions Intelligent Process Automation platform . The customized application will empower Guyana 's Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA)to expedite the collection, review and approval of development permits. The system is expected to go live as soon as June 2023.

Decisions' automation platform will eliminate the hassles and inconsistencies found in manual application processes. With an integrated interface, CH&PA will digitally manage submitted applications, track the status of an application, and enforce predetermined deadlines throughout the process. This solution replaces a paper application system and subjective human review. Employing the workflow to automatically review and approve web form applications will result in faster response times, greater departmental efficiency, and transparent business transactions.

"With our platform, we can build the precise processes Guyana needs to improve its operations, and more importantly, support changes to those processes as the country's needs evolve," said Heath Oderman , co-founder and CTO of Decisions. "During this time of unprecedented growth and investment in Guyana , our ability to integrate with Guyana 's legacy systems will elevate a current manual process into a seamless workflow capable of producing immediate results. This solution will revolutionize CH&PA's operational capability and It will enhance the entire stakeholder experience."

In addition to streamlining the application process, providing a single, secure entry point for all applications will establish clear standardization practices for CH&PA's permit approval process. This commitment to security and regulated procedures promotes transparency and accountability between the Guyana government and the general public.

Minister for the Ministry of Housing and Water, Susan Rodrigues , stated: "For many years you have heard the government talk about cutting red tape and 'red tape' and making it easier for people in Guyana to do business . This is a Demonstration of that commitment This IT platform, followed by legislation to be passed and signed into law, will enable a one-stop-shop for planning and building permits."

The Decisions platform is expected to accept applications from June 2023. A hybrid system will be used in the initial stages of implementation and the gradual transition to adopt the full electronic solution. This project is the planned foundation for intelligent process automation to be applied to future projects in other federal agencies in Guyana .

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