Everstream Analytics Launches Water Risk Tracker to Quantify Global Risk of Water Scarcity

9 November 2021

SAN MARCOS, Calif., Nov. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Everstream Analytics, a leading supply chain risk analytics provider, today announced the availability of the Everstream Analytics Water Risk Tracker, to provide companies with a global, grid-point-level, long-term assessment of the availability of water resources.

One of the most significant impacts of global climate change is that water is being displaced from its natural balance, causing catastrophic flooding and droughts. Recent droughts in Brazil, the US, Taiwan and elsewhere have drawn attention to the growing risk of water scarcity around the globe.

“Global supply chains and manufacturing processes grind to a halt without access to water,” said Julie Gerdeman, chief executive officer, Everstream Analytics. “The Water Risk Tracker will provide an ongoing assessment of a region’s water resources, along with specific options for mitigating the risk before resources are low or depleted in a region where production can be affected.”

Everstream data and atmospheric scientists built the Everstream Water Risk Tracker using numerous data sets including soil moisture values, river streamflow data and the Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI). This tool provides a global, grid-point-level, long-term assessment of the availability of water resources, providing actionable insights for risk mitigation.

Everstream Analytics monitors up to 1500 potential supply chain disruptions every day and assesses potential impacts and risks for its clients. Clients can receive alerts, reports and visualize impacts on their supplier network in the Everstream Analytics software. Recent weather-related reports include analyses of the impact of supply chain bottlenecks caused by Super Typhoon Chanthu and the impact of Hurricane Ida on industries in the United States Gulf and Severe Floods Across Western Europe Disrupting Manufacturing Operations in Key Industrial Areas.

Click here to learn more about the Everstream Water Risk Tracker.

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