ESAB launches its first battery-powered welder

22 November 2022

Today, ESAB , an ESAB Corporation and a global leader in welding and cutting equipment and consumables, unveiled the welder battery-powered Renegade VOLT ES 200i Stick/TIG at the closing of SparkWeek , the brand's weeklong virtual event showcasing new welding and fabrication products, automation solutions and robotics, and a PPE that is shaping the sector.

Developed in conjunction with Stanley Black & Decker and powered by four DEWALT® FLEXVOLT® 12 Ah (Amp-Hour) batteries, the Renegade VOLT is a milestone in the welding industry as ESAB establishes a new product category. For the first time, welders have a welding machine that runs on interchangeable and rechargeable batteries for power tools. The VOLT is a very portable option for off-grid welding in a variety of key industries, such as maintenance and repair, construction, shipbuilding, rail, power generation, offshore and farming and farming. The product will be available for purchase in Q1 2023.

"ESAB has been relentlessly bringing new ideas to market since inventing the first coated welding electrode over a century ago. With the Renegade VOLT, we've taken the concept of portability to the booster," says Olivier Biebuyck, President, EMEA and Global Products, ESAB Corporation. “Until now, welding jobs could only cover what the equipment allowed them. Welders had to carry heavy equipment, tripped over cables, and did not know what power they would find once on site. Sometimes welders even spend more time on the installation than on the welding itself.Today, ESAB eliminates these constraints and opens a new era, that of true freedom for the welder.

The VOLT launch was part of a series of new and redesigned solutions from ESAB that were unveiled during SparkWeek . The company made more than 15 announcements from Monday, November 14 through Friday, November 18 via directional video presentations at . The events page features information related to these new products and partnerships, including key specifications and availability information:

  • Ruffian 150 , ESAB's brand new engine-driven welder
  • Rogue EM and Rogue EMP , the MIG and multi-process machines
  • Rustler , a new ESAB range of compact MIG machines
  • Renegade 1 Ph DC , a powerful and light machine now in single phase
  • Warrior EDGE CX system with RobustFeed Edge CX and Exeor torch , a next generation product line of pulse MIG feed, charger and torch
  • Sentinel A60 , the next version of ESAB's automatic welding helmet
  • Swarm A10, A20, and A30 , range of affordable and efficient welding helmets
  • Vision T6 , easy to use CNC cutting machine controller
  • Marathon Pac Ultra , a new 1,100 lb bulk solder wire drum
  • Cutmaster 30+ , a next generation manual plasma cutter prioritizing power and portability
  • Thermal Dynamics Automation UC Series , a high precision mechanized plasma system
  • Victor Edge 2.0 Stage IV and HRF2400, Gas Regulator and Regulator/ Flow Meter
  • Versotrac Cadet , a compact, efficient and easy to use submerged arc welding machine
  • InduSuite, state-of-the-art software that connects welding and cutting data, machines, and processes through a single platform
  • PURUS , an optimized premium wire specially formulated to reduce post-weld cleaning

ESAB products are available worldwide through our network of distributors and resellers. Visit to find a local distributor and learn more about our product portfolio.

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