Cortica Automotive to Collaborate with Renesas, World\'s Leading Auto Processor Supplier; Delivers AI Capability in System-on-Chip Platform

22 January 2019

TEL AVIV, Israel, Jan. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Cortica (, the developer of next-generation 'Autonomous AI' that dramatically increases perception of the elements in the surrounding environment of an autonomous vehicle -- far exceeding the capability of any other solution currently available -- announced a groundbreaking milestone today that will pave the way for mass deployment of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Automated Driving (AD) applications across the entire automobile industry. 

Cortica's 'Autonomous AI' Solution for enabling smarter, safer, and better performing autonomous cars will be embedded onto the new R-Car V3H system-on chip solution, available from Renesas, the world's leading manufacturer of processors for the automobile industry. Cortica is the developer of next generation 'Autonomous AI' that utilizes an 'unsupervised learning' methodology to mimic the way humans experience and incorporate the world around them.

Cortica will immediately begin deploying its advanced platform product in collaboration with Renesas, utilizing Cortica's state-of-the-art computer vision system for front-facing cameras. Leveraging the low compute nature of the Cortica technology, Cortica offers the most accurate central perception engine for all current and future ADAS functions, available directly on the Renesas R-Car V3H SoC. For the first time, the collaborative effort will introduce a more robust and scalable open-platform perception solution featuring unmatched accuracy and performance rates, faster reaction time, and overall safety upgrades for ADAS. The solution demo by Cortica at CES will demonstrate a new generation of safer, smarter, and more 'aware' auto running directly on the Renesas chip with unparalleled execution times.

Cortica CEO, Igal Raichelgauz said "With the integration of Cortica's Autonomous AI technology into the R-Car SoC, we have crossed the existing technological barriers of Safety per Watt for ADAS and AV. Moreover, our perception solution addresses 3 main showstoppers of traditional deep learning: (1) methodological coverage of edge cases based on unsupervised learning (2) visibility into the AI (explainable AI); and (3) updatability and online learning."

"The market opportunity for front cameras is growing rapidly, and customers are desperately seeking open and proven solutions," said Jean-Francois Chouteau, Vice President, Automotive Technical Customer Engagement Division, Renesas Electronics Corporation. "Renesas is optimizing its end-to-end Renesas autonomy Platform by working with innovative market players, like Cortica, to utilize our high performance, low power technology and accelerate Autonomous AI for front cameras to increase performance standards across the board."

About Cortica

Founded in Israel in 2007, Cortica has created next-generation Autonomous AI. Highly complex in its methodology yet stunningly simple in premise: the enablement of machines thatus1 think and learn on their own. Cortica's 'Autonomous AI' model is based on an unsupervised learning methodology that recreates the way that humans experience and interact with the world around them so that cars (and all machines) can learn, predict and extrapolate information.  Autonomous AI raises the bar on safety and efficiency of autonomous vehicles for the entire automotive industry. The company is currently focused on meeting the needs of the automotive, financial, security, and industrial industries. Cortica holds over 200 patents for inventions involving its Autonomous AI methods, making it an IP leader in the AI industry. With headquarters in Tel Aviv and offices in New York City, Cortica's employees include leading AI researchers and veterans of elite Israeli military intelligence units. 


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