Concurrent Technologies Corporation Wins Nearly $11 Million Contract to Develop and Evaluate Enhanced Ammunition for the U.S. Army

8 October 2020

Johnstown, PA, Oct. 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) has been awarded a nearly $11 million contract to develop and evaluate enhanced ammunition for the U.S. Army. The U.S. Army, Project Manager Maneuver Ammunition Systems (PM MAS) and U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Armaments Center (CCDC AC) awarded the competitively bid, three-year contract through the DoD Ordnance Technology Consortium (DOTC). 

“We have supported this client for many years, developing industry-leading engineering solutions for small caliber ammunition spanning research and development, testing, technology transition and implementation,” said Edward J. Sheehan, Jr., CTC President and CEO. “Our engineers, scientific experts, technicians, and project managers have in-depth experience and are eager to continue their support of this important mission to improve performance, increase manufacturing efficiencies, and reduce environmental impacts in the manufacture of the military’s small caliber ammunition.”

CTC will develop and evaluate multiple prototype solutions to enhance performance, affordability, and environmental effects in small caliber ammunition and components. Our team will perform engineering and prototyping for new small caliber projectiles, cases, and components to evaluate the technical and manufacturing feasibility of advanced manufacturing technologies and utilize integrated modeling, simulation, and finite element analysis (FEA) in prototype development and scale up.

“We are very proud of our award-winning work in this area, which includes providing engineering services, integration of advanced manufacturing techniques, and development of innovative prototypes,” said Lori Denault, CTC Principal Mechanical Engineer. 

In 2018, the National Armaments Consortium and DOTC recognized CTC for Outstanding Technical Achievement for its innovative approach to manufacturing ammunition that simplifies the manufacturing process, reduces the total cost of ownership and manufacturing footprint, increases performance, and reduces weight.

Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) is an independent, nonprofit, applied scientific research and development professional services organization. Together with our affiliates, Enterprise Ventures Corporation and CTC Foundation, we leverage research, development, test and evaluation work to provide transformative, full lifecycle solutions. To best serve our clients’ needs, we offer the complete ability to fully design, develop, test, prototype and build. We deliver robust, technical, and innovative solutions that safeguard our national security, retain U.S. technological advantage, and ensure the primacy of American manufacturing. For more information about CTC, visit


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