CL-WV Holdings, LLC to Participate in the TechConnect WORLD INNOVATION and NANOTECH Conference as a Sponsor

4 April 2019

COLUMBIA, Md., April 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- CL-WV Holdings, LLC ("CL-WV") will attend and sponsor a break session at the 2019 TechConnect WORLD INNOVATION and NANOTECH Conference in Boston, June 17-19.  Managing Director, Rich Duafala, will be available at the break and throughout the conference to discuss opportunities and CL-WV's Pure Carbon Technology.

Rich Duafala CL-WV Holdings, LLC

CL-WV is a privately held and privately funded advanced materials development and manufacturing start-up company, with initial operations starting in early 2013. The company has filed numerous patent applications on technologies related to the conversion of feedstocks, such as carbides, methane, and other hydrocarbons, into hydrogen and high value solid carbon materials. CL-WV received from the West Virginia University Research Corporation ("WVURC") an exclusive worldwide license under certain patents and technology relating to the manufacturing of pure carbon allotropes. As the exclusive licensee, CL-WV has the sole right to commercialize such patents and technology in all fields of use, including the manufacture, sale, and exploitation of products manufactured from their patented process. This exclusive license covers many patent applications filed around the world, as well as non-patented derivatives and improvements of such patented technology.  Patents filed to date relate to (i) processes for pure carbon technology and methods thereof, (ii) methods and apparatuses for production of carbon, carbide electrodes, and carbon compositions, (iii) methods for production of carbon and hydrogen from natural gas and other hydrocarbons, and (iv) methods, apparatuses, and electrodes for carbide-to-carbon conversion with nanostructured carbide chemical compounds. CL-WV also holds exclusive rights to certain trade secrets, proprietary information, and intellectual property that was developed by researchers of CL-WV and WVURC relating to the production and use of carbon allotropes. 

CL-WV's patent filings have resulted in numerous patent grants globally, including last month's patent grant no. 10,207,922 from the United States Patent Office for claims relating to methods for production of carbon and hydrogen from natural gas and other hydrocarbons, and April's scheduled publication of patent grant 3212572 by the European Patent Office for methods and apparatuses for production of carbon, carbide electrodes, and carbon compositions claims.

The company plans to grow their intellectual property assets by securing new patents derived from their existing patent family portfolio, and by adding new patent families derived from their innovative science. CL-WV believes the technology offers several key advantages including synthesizing high-quality carbon forms at lower temperatures and lower pressures, without the use of extremely harsh chemicals, and with greater control of the carbon form produced. There are many exciting possible applications for CL-WV's technology with one extremely promising area of research being the possibility of producing superconductor materials and high temperature or even room temperature superconductor materials.

Interested parties wanting to schedule a meeting during the conference, or for general enquiries may contact Rich Duafala, Managing Director of CL-WV Holdings, LLC, at

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