BOE Founder and Chairman Wang Dongsheng Won SID \"David Sarnoff Industrial Achievement Prize\"

14 May 2019

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The annual event SID Display Week this year has opened in San Jose, the United States. On May 13, The Society for Information Display (SID) announced the global information display standouts. Wang Dongsheng, Founder and Chairman of BOE, received the David Sarnoff Industrial Achievement Prize for his outstanding contributions to the development of the global semiconductor display industry.

The David Sarnoff Industrial Achievement Prize is designed to honor individuals for long-term and significant leadership and/or exceptional contributions to the advancement of the information display industry, and is broadly recognized across the industry. Mr. Wang has earned the prize for his pioneering and practical contributions to influencing and reshaping the development of semiconductor display industry in and outside of China, with his innovation and forward-looking insights into the industry.

For over a decade, BOE has emerged as a global leader in the display sector under Mr. Wang's leadership, which also drove China's semiconductor industry developing from zero to hero. In this regard, he also played a significant role in reshaping the global display industry and inaugurating new milestones of the industry's development with his important theoretical contributions.

As it is noted in Information Display, the official magazine of The Society for Information Display, "truly great business people seem to have in common not only a talent for organizing, leading others, and synthesizing information from disparate areas of their company, but a real passion for and understanding of what their business makes and sells. Dongsheng Wang is the gold standard for this kind of executive. He thinks on a high level, but he is also able to discuss the finer aspects of display technology."

Mr. Wang put forward the "Survival Law" for display industry, which is also known as "Wang's Law". It states that panel-performance metrics must at least be doubled every 36 months for a given price point, and this cycle is being shortened. This law has become the survival rule for companies to achieve stable profit, for it reveals the effect and influence of technology-based value creation on the increase of a company's value. He also proposed the concept of semiconductor display, which solved the disputes over technology substitution, and has been adopted by the global industry. He also introduced the IoT strategy of "opening up technology and application platforms to create and share value through ICPST (Integration of Chips, Panels, Software and Things)", advocating to open up technology and application innovation with global partners to achieve win-win situation.

As of 2019 Q1, according to the data from a consulting firm, BOE keeps ranking the first in terms of global TFT-LCD shipments and still remaining No.1 in the world in the shipments of panels for five main application fields, namely smart phone, tablet, notebook, monitor and TV.

"BOE was founded 26 years ago, and since its founding day, we have never stopped growing. The key for us has been staying focused and committing to innovation," said Mr. Wang, "Looking back at BOE's history, I am really proud that we have developed an excellent team, who has been driven by the culture of staying focused and committing to innovation. I have full faith in BOE's bright future, whether I am at the helm or not. As for myself, I am still vibrant, open and curious, and will continue to pursue my drive and passion for innovation."

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