Blue Prism Delivers New Intelligent Automation Capabilities to Fuel Connected-RPA Vision

3 April 2019

LONDON and AUSTIN, Texas, April 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Continuing to push the boundaries of what's possible with intelligent automation software, Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM) today delivered on its connected-RPA vision announcing new capabilities and enhancements supporting the world's most advanced digital workforce. The new platform capabilities being highlighted at Blue Prism World in London include a beta intelligent document processing program, enhanced open source and community engagement features, as well as support for Google Analytics on Blue Prism's Digital Exchange (DX).

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"We see great value in embedding and merging RPA with AI capabilities into a unified platform," said Maureen Fleming, Program Vice President, Intelligent Process Automation at IDC. "The convergence of AI with RPA extends the capabilities of a digital workforce, especially in areas where cost of manual efforts can be high and the tasks themselves repetitive but mission-critical."

Delivering Intelligent Document Processing

Blue Prism's connected-RPA puts the power of AI in the hands of business leaders in order to enable operational agility. Blue Prism Decipher adds AI-powered document processing directly built into the Blue Prism platform, enabling smarter, end-to-end processing of document workflows. Downloadable from the Digital Exchange, Blue Prism Decipher is an ideal intelligent document processing solution that can scan invoices, identify data points—regardless of their format and location, then extract those data points for use within RPA processes.

For example, Blue Prism Decipher will be pre-trained and optimized to work with inbound invoices enabling Blue Prism digital workers to input invoices into an Accounts Payable (AP) system and then match those invoices to outstanding purchase orders, seamlessly. The software is visually intuitive and easy to use, which aligns with Blue Prism's goal of empowering non-technical users to help drive intelligent automation initiatives. In the future, Blue Prism Decipher will support many other document types such as inbound purchase orders, contracts and resumes as well as providing integration with best-of-breed, third-party document processing capabilities.

Blue Prism Decipher is also the first product to result directly from Blue Prism's dedicated AI Research Labs headquartered in London, which brings together PhD level research scientists and engineers across multiple AI fields, a world-class brain trust on the future of work, who will inform and spearhead developments on the company's embedded AI capabilities.

Blue Prism customers and prospects interested in becoming a Decipher beta tester can file an application starting today. Starting within the next 90 days, the beta program will provide hands on access to Decipher for invoice processing. Following the trial, the Blue Prism Decipher software will be posted on the DX for free download by all Blue Prism customers.

Enhancements to Blue Prism DX

In addition, the company introduced new capabilities to its Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX)—an intelligent automation marketplace comprising of customers, technology and channel partners. Since launching just over four months ago, the DX has amassed more than 3,000 registered users from nearly 600 registered companies who can download over 100 assets to accelerate the time to market for their intelligent automation projects.

Key enhancements include integration with Google Analytics to provide more visibility into how assets are being downloaded and used. Support for open sourced Blue Prism assets being shared via GitHub as well as the ability for partners and customers to securely share proprietary assets. A key differentiator, Blue Prism customers and implementation partners can now use DX to share proprietary assets privately and securely. Private assets will be available for limited release and once setup, displayed on the DX when the user is logged in and is a member of the company that marked it as private.

Continued Community Support & Development

Blue Prism also continues to enhance its Process Discovery Tool, first launched in January. Available to everyone, this RPA community and collaboration tool has already garnered the support from nearly 400 separate organizations, in almost 60 countries. To date, over 760 processes have been assessed using the Process Discovery Tool with new ones being reviewed daily.

The value of this tool is that it connects Blue Prism directly with end-users and partners by enabling a conversation that is transparent while helping to share best practices. This is critical to building out a sustainable pipeline for automation projects. Of the processes assessed by those organizations considered active, 49 percent sit in the 'Ready' category. These processes alone could deliver over 1 million hours back to the business annually (or 4,300 hours per-process on average).

"Overall we found the tool was very useful and intuitive. It helped us to ask the right questions and facilitated the process analysis. It also helped us to shape the communication to senior management including C-level execs. So, we will continue to use the tool going forward," said Stefan Hösli, CFA and head of Business Transformation at InCube Group.

About Blue Prism

In this digital era where start-ups are constantly disrupting markets, only the most agile and innovative enterprises survive and thrive. At Blue Prism, we pioneered Robotic Process Automation (RPA), emerging as the trusted and secure intelligent automation choice for the Fortune 500 and public-sector market. Now we bring you connected-RPA supported by the Digital Exchange (DX) app store—marrying internal entrepreneurship with the power of crowdsourced innovation.

Blue Prism's connected-RPA can automate and perform mission critical processes, allowing your people the freedom to focus on more creative, meaningful work. More than 1,300 global customers leverage Blue Prism's digital workforce, empowering their people to automate billions of transactions while returning hundreds of millions of hours of work back to the business. Visit to learn more about Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM).

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