Beamery launches industry-first Talent Operating System to help enterprises solve talent challenges

12 September 2019

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Beamery today announced the industry's first Talent Operating System (TOS), a platform that allows enterprises to manage the entire talent journey with one system. Beamery's TOS centralizes a company's candidate data, applications and talent operations, allowing recruiters to attract, engage, and retain top candidates on one unified platform, while providing a seamless talent experience.

Alongside the launch of the TOS, Beamery has released a new iteration of data enrichment engine Sherlock. This is foundational to the entire platform, automatically enriching and deduplicating candidate information, and mapping rich behavioural and professional data to every record. High-quality data makes it easy for recruiters to provide candidates with the same whiteglove experience that marketing teams use to target consumers and allows talent leaders to draw better insights across the entire talent journey.

"With the Beamery talent operating system, we re-shaped our whole strategy and developed a new mindset in how we approach candidates - our potential employees," said Dr Magdalena Masluk-Meller, Talent Sourcing Lead at Zalando. "We're able to keep conversations going with talent from whom we get a warm impression, or who we meet at events and who attend our webinars. Beamery allows us to leverage these first touches to engage top talent with the right content, at the right time, at scale."

Introducing the industry's first Talent Operating System (TOS)

Beamery's TOS is comprised of three core suites which map to the different stages of the talent journey Attract, Engage, Retain.

Beamery's platform also includes an API middleware layer to manage integrations, and Comply - a compliance management and automation product to help organizations against GDPR, and other data protection legislation in countries like Russia and China.

Beamery Attract

Beamery Attract gives organizations a complete suite of products to build their employer brand, deliver amazing online and offline talent experiences, and convert the best candidates. Attract contains the following modules.

  • Careers Sites: Fully customizable, personalized Careers Sites to support each unique talent journey. Pages, content and job search dynamically adapt based on who a candidate is, where they're based, and whether they've spoken to you before.
  • Convert: An online conversion toolkit that companies can use across their Careers Site to capture candidates that are not ready to make a full application and start building a relationship.
  • Events: End-to-end event management solution for campus events, job fairs, open days, and other recruiting events, all integrated into the Beamery platform. Recruiters can manage logistics, promotion, check-ins and registrations, and post event follow-up in a single place.

Beamery Engage

Beamery Engage lets enterprises treat candidates like valued customers, build meaningful relationships with talent well ahead of business demand, and improve recruiter effectiveness. 

  • Talent CRM: Comprehensive candidate relationship management to centralize all of a company's talent acquisition efforts. With data enrichment to keep candidate records up to date, automated talent pipelining, customization for any recruiting workflow and process, and reporting to analyze pipeline growth, understand team productivity and forecast effectively.
  • Talent Marketing: Complete marketing module that allows recruiting teams to deliver personalized, branded experiences to candidates across every channel at any stage of the recruitment process, and leverage automation for real-time engagement.

Beamery Retain

Beamery Retain lets companies activate, engage, and mobilize internal talent, increase referrals, and improve the end-to-end talent experience.

  • Internal Mobility: Companies can run internal programs that leverage the proactive approach they use for external talent. Map internal skills to upcoming jobs, build an internal talent hub, and offer vertical and horizontal mobility options for high potential talent.
  • Surveys: Automatic, contextual surveys to capture real-time candidate feedback at every stage of the recruiting process and help companies can make meaningful changes to the talent experience.

"Almost all business leaders describe talent as their greatest asset, and talent acquisition as one of  the most important challenges they face today," said Sultan Saidov, President of Beamery. "The businesses winning the war for talent are turning talent data into a competitive advantage - a central operating system that can harness and enrich your talent data is the key  to personalizing the candidate journey and prioritizing the right candidates. Data at most large organizations is siloed and split between disconnected systems and processes, resulting in a reactive and frequently negative experience for both candidates and recruiting teams. Our new TOS supports our mission to make companies more proactive and intelligent so they can provide the best candidate experience possible and attract, engage, and retain top talent."

This announcement comes on the heels of significant company growth. In the last year alone, Beamery doubled its annual recurring revenue (ARR) and expanded its customer base to include leading enterprises such as Coca-Cola Hellenic, Colliers Mac Nicholls, Inc. and Finastra International Limited. The company established go-to-market and technology partnerships with leading organizations such as Workday, Cornerstone, Entelo and more, as well as doubled headcount across its London, Austin and San Francisco offices with key leadership additions.

"Beamery has flipped talent acquisition on its head," said Alastair, Partner and investment advisor at EQT Ventures. "With Beamery's Talent Operating System, hiring is now a proactive, data-driven and relationship-focused process. Beamery are doing for Talent what Salesforce and Marketo did for sales. There are obvious parallels between sales and marketing, and talent acquisition — and the fact that these key processes should be run out of a single system. We're excited to continue to partner with them in their rapid growth as more and more global leading companies turn to Beamery to win the war on talent."

About Beamery

Beamery's Talent Operating System allows enterprises to attract, engage, and retain top talent, and manage the entire talent journey on one unified platform. Beamery's mission is to help the world's best companies acquire their greatest assets: their people. Founded in 2014, Beamery is trusted by the world's most innovative global organizations to treat their candidates like customers. Beamery has offices in London, Austin, and San Francisco.


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