At RSNA 2018, Agfa HealthCare Demonstrates a Unified and Intuitive Radiology Solution as the Enabler of Value-based Care Transformation

10 December 2018

MORTSEL, Belgium, November 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

  • Secure and robust platform with advanced clinical applications brings radiologists to the forefront with confident decision making, and improved delivery of patient care
  • At RSNA 2018, Agfa is previewing its work in progress to the task-based rules engine that will optimize productivity through machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and workflow automation to enable Augmented Intelligence *
  • The platform promotes multispecialty clinical collaboration and greater satisfaction for the patient, as well as clinical, operational and financial health for the healthcare organization

As care organizations and health authorities around the world address evolving health challenges, intelligent technologies such as machine learning and advanced analytics have the potential to make radiologists and diagnosticians the enablers of the value-based care transformation.

At RSNA 2018, Agfa HealthCare will demonstrate developments in progress to its purpose-built Enterprise Imaging platform, previewing how it will serve as the foundation to enable machine learning and evidence-based AI enabling task-based workflow automation, image analysis and predictive analytics*.

Patient-centered care transformation 

The purpose-built Enterprise Imaging platform removes traditional barriers to medical imaging, enables multispecialty care team collaboration and enhanced cross-platform mobility. With embedded advanced applications and AI, Agfa's Enterprise Imaging solution will provide radiologists with additional information for decision-making, speedy access to results and analytics helping significantly improve the patient's care journey and satisfaction, as well as the organization's clinical, operational and financial well-being.

With the task-based rules engine, the aggregation of both imaging and non-imaging data from disparate healthcare informations systems, and strong collaboration tools, radiologists can more efficiently make evidence-based decisions and recommendations, and play an enhanced role as consultant for physicians and patients.

Precision medicine and augmented intelligence 

An approach to precision medicine, analytical intelligence* and aggregation of imaging and non-imaging data at the Radiology Desktop will offer patient-centered personalized care delivery, based on analysis of outcomes of similar patient population and data sets.

"Whether detecting cancers or treating chronic diseases, machine learning and advanced analytics will help radiologists and diagnosticians focus less on manual tasks and more on improving care pathways," describes Dr. Anjum Ahmed, Global Director Imaging Information Systems at Agfa HealthCare. "Agfa HealthCare's enhancements to the Enterprise Imaging platform, currently in development, will serve as the foundation to enable machine learning and evidence-based augmented intelligence. Unlike artificial intelligence, which tries to replace human intelligence, augmented intelligence works with and amplifies human intelligence."

He continues, "The platform will serve as the intersection of machine learning and advanced applications*, where clinical knowledge and medical data converge on a single platform. The potential benefits of augmented intelligence* are realized when it is used in the context of workflows and systems that healthcare practitioners operate and interact with, hence introducing efficiencies."

Efficiency, collaboration and care quality 

"Enterprise Imaging enables radiologists to extend their influence across the care continuum, and also supports both radiologists and clinicians in key academic research through real-time, 'anywhere', peer-to-peer collaboration," comments Luc Thijs, President of Agfa HealthCare. "Deliberately built from the ground up to be scalable, this platform helps empower an imaging strategy that is analogous with an EHR platform strategy. Combined with strong governance around implementation, project management, and understanding of our customers' needs,we deliver well-defined solutions that facilitate realization of value-based outcomes. Our well-defined strategy helps improve the delivery of cost effective quality of care, an approach that has been proven by the more than 250 Enterprise Imaging installations around the world."

He continues, "Radiologists using our latest Enterprise Imaging solution across the globe are realizing benefits from:

  • Unified Desktop and User Interface (cross platform and enterprise)
  • Secure multispecialty realtime collaboration and Mobility
  • Workflow automation."

To find out more about how Agfa HealthCare can help your organization embrace the future, visit us at RSNA 2018, 25-30 November, Chicago, IL, USA, South Hall, Booth #3300. 

*AI, Machine learning, advanced analytics, and predictive analytics are works in progress and not available for sales in the US and Canada. 

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