An Innovative Drag Conveyor that Reduces Jams and Increases Throughput

4 May 2021

Endura-Veyor Inc.’s Top Flight Drag Conveyor™ handles a range of loose, problematic materials and challenging loading conditions like inclines, curves, batch, or surge loading encountered in many recycling and bulk material handling applications. This conveyor is equipped with guided chain driven flights or paddles that are reinforced for tough applications. The flights push material along an abrasion resistant, hardened steel trough or channel making it more durable than traditional belt conveyors. The Top Flight Drag Conveyor can handle high-volume in feed applications because the chain driven flights are on the top of a conveyor bed and move in the same direction of material flow, providing zero interference during top loading. This design keeps material contained on the conveyor allowing flights to transport more material than the surface area, delivering an efficient solution for moving bulky or odd-shape products, reducing jams, and increasing throughput.

The innovative Top Flight Drag Conveyor solves product size and jamming issues of typical drag chain conveyors, bringing the durability of drag chain conveyors to a broader range of applications traditionally handled with Z-style fabric or steel belt conveyors. This conveyor brings the best of both types of conveyors together, presenting an abrasion and heat resistant conveyor with zero top loading interference, reducing jams, downtime, costly maintenance, and premature wear to the belt.

This is something you must see for yourself. For information contact Endura-Veyor, Inc. at or view the information video.

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