$4.25 Million Federal Grant for Sewing Apprentice Program Expansion

4 October 2021

BOISE, Idaho, Oct. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A $4.25 million dollar Federal Grant has afforded the innovation and expansion of an Industrial Sewing Apprenticeship Program. An Industrial Sewing Apprenticeship need became apparent when Covid created a disruption to fashion industry supply chains and the demand for U.S.-made products increased. The program was launched through an Innovation Grant from the State of Idaho to assist U.S. fashion manufacturers in training a new demand in the workforce. 

Voxn, the founding Boise Apparel brand behind the program and the accredited Apprenticeship, partnered with Idaho Department of Labor and the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to write the curriculum for a Pre-Apprenticeship class that prepares interested participates for entry into the State Apprenticeship. The first Pre-Apprenticeship cohort was taught by both IRC and Voxn in May 2021. The pre-program started as an eight-week hands-on training program but quickly grew into a 12-week program. The Industrial Sewing Apprenticeship is destined to undergo a massive expansion through the help of the Federal Grant. The Apprentice audience has expanded from those in the refugee communities to various demographics and has been claimed to be a life-changing experience for the participants.  

With the ongoing steam of various manufacturers showing a need for this specialty trade, the expansion of the Industrial Sewing Program is headed towards a traditional further education environment for Apprentices who have satisfied their on-the-job development. This further education gives Apprentices the opportunity to receive nationally recognized accreditation, leading to multiple opportunities for wage increases.  

With Industrial Sewing becoming a less common skill, implementations of these programs are to regain those skills in the United States. With the uncertainty of how supply chains will continue, the need for stateside manufacturing has become that much more apparent, and Apprenticeships could be the solution for the Nation, as it was for Boise, Idaho. 

Voxn is a women's active lifestyle brand that is designed in Boise, Idaho. The brand started as an online boutique when the boutique storefront was established in 2017 in downtown Boise by Erica Becker--a 24-year-old entrepreneur. The brand was established with the mission of bringing apparel manufacturing to the Boise community. Voxn has grown to be a revolutionary fashion icon in Idaho, and a must-stop destination when visiting Boise. You can read more on their online boutique blog and Instagram.

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