3DR Holdings Announces the Launch of 3DPrint.com PRO

16 April 2020

NEW YORK, April 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 3DR Holdings today announced the launch of 3DPrint.com PRO (https://3dprint.com/get-pro/), a subscription delivering twice-monthly analytical research reports, written by SmarTech Analysis Vice President Scott Dunham. Twenty-four times per year 3DPrint.com PRO reports track and analyze the additive manufacturing industry business trends, delving much deeper than the articles that appear daily in 3DPrint.com.

Dunham is considered one of the foremost 3D Printing industry analysts in the world through his work with SmarTech Analysis, the leading industry analysis firm focused on the business of additive manufacturing. Typical opportunity analysis reports published by SmarTech are lengthy studies, while Dunham's 3DPrint.com PRO reports are continuous executive-oriented insights and a first of their kind for the additive manufacturing industry. The offering will further enhance the quality and scope of the 3DPrint.com content. On the reason for offering a new means of insider market analysis, Dunham states, "We're entering another stage of the development of the additive industry in the midst of global supply chain disruptions and shifting conversations in how to approach manufacturing during global crises. While the value propositions of AM haven't changed, approaches to implementation and how corporate manufacturers structure their operations to be more agile and less dependent on legacy models will. This will facilitate new intensity in the exploration of AM, and with it already having a foothold in some areas of manufacturing, the analysis and insights business leaders will need to navigate AM will also shift."

Regarding the service itself, Dunham states, "This offering is meant to help individuals who need more depth of critical market analysis to help guide their strategy and planning initiatives as they evaluate how to move into AM or expand their existing AM activities. For enterprises and individual executive subscribers the insights from reading PRO provide guidance on the real-world market movements which lay under the surface of everyday industry news."

This new service aims to help individuals who need that next level of market analysis beyond resources they may have internally on a continual basis to stay on top of the shifting landscape.

3DPrint.com PRO launches with a special price of $99.00 per annum. The regular price of the service is $299.00, and this price will be effective at the end of June.  Enterprise subscription packages are available on request and more can be learned about this offering at info@3drholdings.com.

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