Toshiba Expands Line-up of Thermoflagger™, a Simple Solution that Detects Temperature Rises in Electronic Equipment

15 September 2023

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation is broadening its array of "TCTH0xxxE series" Thermoflagger™ over-temperature detection ICs, with the release of six new products, available for shipment starting today.

For electronic devices to operate optimally, semiconductors and other electronic components must function within specific design parameters. Among these parameters, internal temperature holds significant importance. If the temperature exceeds the levels anticipated during the design phase, it can pose substantial safety and reliability concerns. An effective solution for monitoring overheating becomes indispensable.

The Thermoflagger™ over-temperature detection ICs are engineered to identify temperature increases when incorporated into a straightforward circuit alongside positive temperature coefficient (PTC) thermistors, which exhibit changes in resistance corresponding to temperature fluctuations. These ICs also have the capability to detect variations in the resistance of PTC thermistors positioned near heat sources, promptly signaling an over-temperature condition through a FLAG signal. When a Thermoflagger™ detects abnormal heat generation and transmits a FLAG signal to a microcontroller (MCU), the MCU can respond by shutting down the equipment, altering its operation, or adjusting the operation of the semiconductor responsible for generating heat. Additionally, connecting PTC thermistors in series allows for simultaneous over-temperature detection at multiple points.

The six new additions to the product lineup are TCTH011AE, TCTH012AE, TCTH021AE, TCTH022AE, TCTH011BE, and TCTH012BE, supplementing the previously launched TCTH021BE and TCTH022BE and bringing the TCTH0xxxE series to a total of eight products. These newcomers expand the selection of PTC thermistors by accommodating two types of PTCO output current[1]. Users can opt for either push-pull or open-drain FLAG signal output types[2], and they have the choice to enable or disable a FLAG signal latch function[3]. This broadened range of product options facilitates flexible circuit designs with minimal current consumption.

The new products come in a compact, industry-standard SOT-553 package (known as ESV by Toshiba), ensuring seamless integration of over-temperature detection in complete sets of electronic equipment while simultaneously reducing size and power consumption.

In addition to a previously published reference design, the Thermoflagger™ Over-temperature Detection IC Application Circuit (TCTH021BE/Open Drain version), Toshiba has introduced a new reference design on its website today: the Thermoflagger™ Over-temperature Detection IC Application Circuit (TCTH021AE/Push-Pull version).

Toshiba leverages technical insights from Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. concerning PTC thermistors for this over-temperature detection solution. Murata specifically recommends the Thermoflagger™ for use in conjunction with PTC thermistors.

Toshiba remains committed to expanding its product lineup with diverse packages and enhanced device characteristics that enhance design flexibility and contribute to carbon neutrality.