Rockwell Automation and Infinitum Announce Agreement to Make High-Efficiency Low Voltage Drives and Motors Available for Energy-Intensive Industrial Applications

15 September 2023

Rockwell Automation, Inc., the world's leading company specializing in industrial automation and digital transformation, and Infinitum, the innovators behind the sustainable air core motor, have proudly unveiled an exclusive partnership. Together, they are poised to revolutionize the industrial landscape by jointly developing and delivering a groundbreaking class of integrated, high-efficiency low voltage drive and motor technology. This pioneering solution promises substantial energy savings and cost reductions for industrial clients worldwide, while simultaneously aiding them in their mission to curtail carbon emissions and embrace sustainability.

In an era where energy conservation and greenhouse gas reduction have taken center stage, the focus has increasingly turned towards variable frequency drives (VFDs) paired with high-efficiency motors. The International Energy Agency (IEA) reports that electric motors account for roughly 40% of global electricity consumption, rising to nearly 70% for industrial enterprises.

This transformative alliance merges Rockwell's renowned PowerFlex® drive technology with Infinitum's high-performance Aircore EC motor system. This formidable combination empowers companies to dramatically shrink their carbon footprint with a motor system that is not only 50% smaller and lighter but also utilizes 66% less copper and consumes 10% less energy compared to traditional iron core motors.

Barry Elliott, Vice President and General Manager of Power Control at Rockwell Automation, remarked, "We've long recognized the benefits of Infinitum's integrated motor and drive system, lauding its exceptional energy efficiency, sustainability, and operational ease. We're thrilled about the transformative impact our new collaborative solution will have on enhancing sustainability, energy efficiency, and productivity for our global clientele."

The partnership between Rockwell and Infinitum traces back to 2021, when Rockwell made its initial investment in Infinitum as part of the company's Series C funding.

Ben Schuler, Founder and CEO of Infinitum, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "We're excited to extend our successful partnership with Rockwell Automation. This agreement opens new avenues for our sustainable motors, capable of energizing the world with reduced energy consumption, materials, and waste. Working alongside Rockwell will directly and broadly influence industrial companies, diminishing electricity usage and advancing sustainability in this energy-intensive sector."