Honeywell's Automation And Digitalization Technologies To Support American Battery Factory's New Gigafactory

14 September 2023

Honeywell has made a groundbreaking announcement, revealing a strategic collaboration with American Battery Factory (ABF), a leading manufacturer of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery cells. ABF is fully embracing Honeywell's cutting-edge automation and process safety solutions within its colossal new gigafactory, nestled in Tucson, Arizona.

This remarkable facility, spanning a staggering 2 million square feet, is set to become the largest gigafactory for LFP battery cell production in the United States. ABF's mission is to provide energy storage systems derived from its battery cells to homes, businesses, and utilities, empowering them to optimize their energy consumption—whether sourced from the grid or self-generated.

The Arizona gigafactory will seamlessly integrate Honeywell's advanced solutions, such as the Manufacturing Excellence Platform, Experion® Batch, and Integrated Remote Operations, to revolutionize ABF's manufacturing processes and workflows. These innovations will empower ABF to oversee, in real-time, every aspect of battery production, from the initial stages of mixing, coating, and assembly, to storage and distribution. Moreover, Honeywell's technologies will simplify operations data collection while providing invaluable insights into upcoming tasks and potential delays. The net result: enhanced productivity, reduced waste, and the attainment of a more energy-efficient and cost-effective battery production process.

John Kem, President of American Battery Factory, shared his enthusiasm for this partnership, stating, "We will be able to quickly and effectively establish a sustainable foundation for our network of gigafactories by utilizing Honeywell's exceptional tools and technology." He emphasized the pivotal role this collaboration will play in supplying the nation with domestically manufactured lithium iron phosphate batteries, integral to meeting government energy resilience, sustainability initiatives, and national security requirements.

Chad Briggs, Vice President and General Manager of Projects and Automation Solutions at Honeywell Process Solutions, highlighted the transformative impact of their automation and process control solutions on the future of gigafactories. These innovations aim to boost battery production and reduce energy consumption.

American Battery Factory Inc. is on a mission to create the first-ever network of secure LFP cell gigafactories in the United States, with plans to implement Honeywell's end-to-end solutions across the board. The company is deeply committed to realizing energy independence and renewable energy in the United States, forging a robust domestic battery supply chain, creating jobs, and contributing to government climate change initiatives and national security mandates. To learn more about American Battery Factory, please visit their website.