Arduino and DMC Announce System Integrator Partnership to Bring Open Technology to Manufacturing Automation and Embedded Applications

16 September 2023

Arduino, a trailblazing open-source hardware platform boasting a global community of 32 million active developers, has unveiled a momentous collaboration with DMC, a distinguished consulting firm renowned for its top-tier engineering and custom software development services catering to manufacturing, testing, and product development organizations worldwide. This strategic partnership opens the door to comprehensive commercial solutions, effectively addressing the complex challenges of advanced automation and product development for enterprise clients deploying Arduino PRO products.

As an esteemed addition to Arduino's ecosystem, DMC assumes the role of a Platinum Partner within the Arduino System Integrators Partnership Program. This program is meticulously crafted to drive the expansion of professional service companies that incorporate Arduino technology into commercial projects for enterprise customers. Under this collaboration, DMC and Arduino embark on projects jointly, aiming to expedite time-to-market and curtail non-recurring engineering (NRE) costs.

Frank Riordan, Founder, and CEO of DMC, expressed immense pride in joining the Arduino System Integrator program, emphasizing the partnership's commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. Together, their objective is to offer integrated solutions that promise to revolutionize the approaches taken by creators and industries to technology.

The initial focus of this partnership will revolve around the development of commercial solutions tailored for manufacturing, logistics centers, and factories, harnessing the potential of Arduino's Opta PLC and Portenta Machine Controller. Furthermore, the collaboration will extend to OEM product development, incorporating the Portenta and Nicla line of modules designed for embedded applications.

Guneet Bedi, Arduino's Senior Vice President and General Manager, highlighted DMC's prominence as the preferred integrator, particularly for extensive automation and design projects within the burgeoning Arduino PRO ecosystem. Their shared objective is to empower forward-thinking industrial clients to create and implement automation and digital initiatives that yield substantial benefits. Arduino and DMC aim to establish a new benchmark for what enterprises can expect from open technology.

This announcement signifies another strategic stride by Arduino to meet the surging demand for Arduino PRO hardware and software technology in enterprise Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications. Recent milestones include a noteworthy $54 million Series B funding round, the integration into the AWS Partner Network, and the expansion of two North American offices to support the burgeoning enterprise sales sector.