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Ekemini Amos
About: Ekemini Amos - Director, Projects and Technical Services

Projects Director at Thompson & Grace Invests. Ltd

1. Please tell us more about the history of Thompson and Grace Investments Ltd, the products and services that you provide and the people that work for you?
Thompson & Grace Investments Limited was incorporated on the 2nd of September 1998 and over these years, it has been on the path of steady growth. Our products and services includes but not limited to: Cranes & Lifting Engineering solutions, Complete Machining, Steel and Special Purpose steel products, Fabrication of Pressure Vessels and Pressure Piping, Design Software Solutions, Technical Training and OCTG. The people that are working for us have come from all walks of life and diverse cultural settings. But it is one big family as we make every member of our staff play a role of leadership

2. Tell us more about the recent certification the company obtained to manufacture components.  How will this change the nature of your business?
We have recently been certified by API to manufacture products within the following monograms: 5CT, 6A and 7-1.

3. What in your view are the main challenges in this industry?
Raw Materials like steel, Government Regulations and Power Supply and other Infrastructures like roads.

4. What needs to happen to take the Nigerian manufacturing sector to the next level?
The Government of the day needs to realize that until the nation becomes a manufacturing nation and export manufactured products to other countries, then shall we start a journey of robust economy.

5. What is your vision for the industry?
My vision for the industry is to see Nigeria one day conceptualise robust engineering products design and then see through manufacturing and then managing the entire products life cycle.

6. You have signed up as a gold sponsor for the upcoming Nigerian Manufacturing Expo.  What is the reason for partnering with us and what will be your message at the event?
We are looking forward to promoting the message to the world that there are Nigerian companies that are focused on getting the journey started. We are happy to be part of this dream, though a very tough one.

7. Please tell us more about the manufacturing machines, automation technology and machine tools that Thompson and Grace Investments Ltd will be promoting to Nigerian manufacturers at the Expo?
We are fully equipped to carry out complex Milling, Boring and Turning of mechanical components that service from: Aviation, Marine, Automobile, Plastic Moulding, Energy, Power and Oil & Gas Sectors respectively, which are setting up very unique capabilities.

8. How will your manufacturing machines, automation technology and machine tools help Nigerian manufacturers become more competitive locally and internationally?
As mentioned above, we have installed capacity that is able to manufacture complex mechanical engineering components such as ship craneshaft that is up to 8 metres long, turbine blades and other rotating components, propeller shaft, engine-blocks, and valves of complex geometry etc. Considering the cost of importation of some of these finished components and the lead time for delivery, we are sure that local patronage of our manufacture that is of international standards will be of great cost savings to the manufacturers.

9. In what way will your manufacturing machines, automation technology and machine tools improve manufacturing quality and increase productivity & efficiencies?
We are very sure of value addition to the manufacturing industry because of the fact that our quality management systems conform to international standards for best practice such as API, LEEA, ISO etc. On increased productivity, I believe closeness to mechanical components that might be needed for repairs of machinery of some kind will cut on machine down time and help reduce lost time.

10. Why is it important for the industry to gather at such an expo?
Because it will create opportunity for players to meet and network towards synergies.

11. What are you most looking forward to at the Nigerian Manufacturing Expo?
Meeting of like minds that will advance the course of manufacturing in Nigeria.