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Mr Su Jian Lye
About: Mr Su Jian Lye - Principal Analyst

Su Jian Lye, Principal Analyst at ABI Research, is responsible for orchestrating research relating to robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. He leads research in emerging and key trends in these industries, deep-diving into advancements in key components, regional dynamics in robotics and AI adoptions, and their future impacts and implications.

What features of the robotics market in Singapore makes it different from the regional / international robotics market?

Mr Su: Major robotics markets around the world, such as the USA, China and Germany, are key manufacturing hubs, so they focus on industrial robots. Due to its relatively small manufacturing sector, Singapore’s robotics market is more geared towards use cases for commercial robotics. Logistics, warehousing, healthcare and construction are some of the market verticals that are actively exploring the adoption of robotics solutions.

At the same time, the Singapore robotics market has received strong support from the public sector. The National Robotics Programme (NRP) is a clear mandate from the Singapore government to boost the nation’s capabilities in robotics technologies and the adoption of robotics solutions. Government agencies have also been actively engaging different robotics vendors to explore potential partnerships and investment opportunities. This type of concerted effort is particularly rare in this region.

What are some of the key things robotics businesses should note before scouting for collaboration?

Mr Su: Robotics businesses need to first understand key trends in the industry that will affect their business models. Moving forward, more customers may be inclined to adopt subscriptions model, or pay-as-you-go usage model. By adjusting their business model, this will enable them to address the needs from different customers.

Secondly, robotics businesses need to identify the right market for them to address. For instance, the collaborative robotics industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years with the emergence of many vendors and suppliers. We are starting to see some vendors focusing on a particular industry or use case, such as RightHand Robotics in e-commerce. A clear focus will enhance value propositions and brand image for robotic businesses.

Thirdly, robotics business also need to look at the upgradability of their products. Future opportunities lie with software, cloud connectivity, and machine learning. Robotics businesses need to prepare for future integration and enhancement of their hardware solutions based on advancement in AI technologies.

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