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Ms. Elif Kaya
About: Ms. Elif Kaya - Marketing Specialist

Ms.Elif Kaya has a management bachelor’s degree from Sabanci University and a marketing communication postgraduate degree. She is now working on her family business for 4 years in the marketing department. Her specialty is mainly in digital marketing.

1. How do you decide whether a marketing strategy has been successful or not?

First of all, before we start a new campaign, we determine our objectives, target, etc. Based on these, we create a specific plan for that group. After that according to which media we use on our marketing strategy, we track our results. Specifically, we are generally interested in metrics that deal with sales, revenue and customer activities. Google Analytics is a great tool for that. Numbers can tell how successful your marketing campaign. We decide whether our strategy has been working or not by looking at the numbers.

2. Can you tell us your most successful campaign so far? What was your role, and how did you work with other teams to achieve your goals?

We produced a smart switch box in the previous year. It is generated by our R&D team. It was very important in many points because firstly, it was the first time in Turkey. It was created according to industry 4.0 concept. Therefore, on the next show that we will be on, we would have a chance to introduce our newest production. Here sales, marketing, and R&D team worked together. According to technical details, we create our poster, social media posts, advertisements, etc. Also, we add a sense of wonder to our language of those. We want to create curiosity in the air. We didn’t show our product for instance, until the show. We just mentioned the concept. It was a good job for us. All departments worked coordinately. In the end, we reached our goals and introduce our new product successfully.

3. What strategies would you suggest to increase your market share?

I think the key thing here is finding your right target audience consisting of the right market. Good research is required for this. To achieve the personalization that consumers want, research data should adopt a more personalized product, service concept and use the right technological tools to obtain the required data.

Furthermore, following the new trend is important to prevent your company to get behind the market. Digital marketing is a new and increasing trend. Companies re-arrange their management system. You should create your production according to that.

Also, marketing activities should change according to that. Companies should use their strength in their work, whether they are in B2B or B2C business. The question is “how can I reach those my targeted people?” They are on youtube or other social media accounts usually or even on google. When you are going to your work, you look at your social media accounts on your telephone or you are reading the magazine, news, etc. For reaching the news you get into a search engine to reach that website. We are all now on those platforms so it is the necessity to accommodate new digital media trends. So to sum up, you should read more and keep you update according to the new trend to prevent your activities to get behind the market.

4. What are the marketing channels you use to promote a new product?

We are using both inbound and outbound marketing activities. In recent years, we have focused more on digital platforms such as e-commerce websites or b2b websites and social media accounts, Google AdWords, etc. In addition to that, we are attending our sectoral exhibitions all over the world. They are a great opportunity for us to meet our potential customers on there and show them our newest products. In other words, we both use online and offline marketing channels.

5. How would you explain to a client or manager that a campaign didn't bring the results they expected?

First of all, it is not a desired thing but sometimes you can face undesirable situations. The thin first thing here is, describing the problem. I would tell you about the problem. After that, I show our solution for that and how to approach it. You might face a problem but the important thing is how to solve it. This process also teaches you lots of things. You can learn or gain lots of experience with a problem.

6. In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges that will impact the marketing industry for the next five years?

The process of digital change has already begun to radically change how we manage global trade, production, and marketing. Technology is surprisingly evolving every day, and companies have to keep up with the pace of digitalization transformations in marketing to stay fast and agile.

Routine and operational tasks in marketing will be transferred to robots soon. Therefore, the need for creative, innovative and multi-talented employees will be evolved. A wide range of job opportunities, from data analysis to algorithms to neuro-marketing applications are waiting for our young people. They will be able to compete in a universal dimension with these new abilities that they will build upon knowing the basic marketing.