Novasina Switzerland

Marco Cau
About: Marco Cau - Vice President

Since its establishment more than 50 years ago, the company Novasina has specialized in the accurate measuring of air and material humidity. The basis was the world’s first, self-developed electronic measuring sensor for humidity measurement.

1. Novasina is known for introducing many precise measuring systems. What is the core philosophy?

Our long-term strategy and mission is to provide high-end products,which excel in quality and longevity and always having a clear focus on customer's needs. We are keen to transfer our expertise - based on more than 50 years of experience - in best products which offer a real benefit to users.

2. What are the line of products that Novasina manufactures to fulfill the modern automation goals?

We focus on 2 major segments, transmitter systems for the process industry and analysers for laboratories. For both segments we offer state-of-the-art solutions for specific applications, where the measurement accuracy and stability is key.

3. Novasina is in the business of automation for more than 50 years. What is the change and what did not change?

We went along with the technological progress which was immense if you compare today to 50 years ago. Nevertheless, nowadays the basics of our resistive-electrolytic humidity measurement technology are still the same. Of course R&D and production processes as well as materials etc. are different compared to the good old days. However, Novasina is an innovative company relying on a proven and robust measurement technology which was invented more than 50 years ago.

4. How does the integration of technology happen in the manufacturing facilities located over different regions?

Actually we manufacture exclusively in our headquarters in Switzerland. All our instruments are developed and produced in our facility. So our production in local and our distribution is global.

5. What are the sectors of industry that Novasina works with?

It depends on the segment. In the process industry there are the pharmaceutical-, chemical-, semiconductor and textile-industry but also food, feed and storage applications are important sectors for us. In the laboratory sector the main industry is food, followed by pharma and cosmetics.  

6. How important is sustainable manufacturing for Novasina?

This is very important to us. We are optimising continuously our processes in that respect and follow a policy of minimised waste. Furthermore we try to consider local component suppliers. As an ISO certified manufacturer we focus on continuous improvements in all our processes, keep them lean and efficient.

7. Do you think, IoT is going to be a game changer that could impact the future of automation?

Yes, this for sure, and also in the automation we think there will be a dramatic impact. That's why we are considering this industrial revolution for new instrument generations.

8. What are the future projects that Novasina aims to undertake?

We want to expand our product portfolio with new measurement parameters and as already mentioned follow the trend of IoT and implement it in our products.

9. How do you ensure the product pipeline address the custom needs of different manufacturing companies?

Thanks  to our global distribution network and the close relationship with our partners,we get systematic feedback from the markets and applications. These information are feed in our Marketing Research and Product Management process and after a first selection they come finally to the R&D department for a feasibility study. Our final goal is always to propose solutions which are needed by customer and not solutions we think are the most suitable for us. So we can say that the main sources for our ideas are our customers!