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Nayel Aughsteen
About: Nayel Aughsteen - Business Development Manager

Our overall aspiration is to offer every company with industrial electronics worldwide the ability to continue using their existing systems as long as possible. Joined as a junior account manager at UNIS Group in 2005, I am serving as the business development manager and the sales leader of UNIS Group UK / EDMR Ltd (a UNIS Group member) now. I had targeted my first customers in the Middle East, which I found a tough market. Later, I promoted to a senior account manager and started developing the international market. I have helped our agents in their grow of turnover.

1. How did the vision of repairing and selling of electronic products suffuse through the UNIS Group?

UNIS Group (established in 1984) was specialized in designing memory boards for Texas Instrument PC’s. Those memory boards became cheaper and cheaper over time. At some point, there was a production stand still in a factory near UNIS Group and we were able to fix the hardware problem for that factory. We found out there was a gap in the market for that kind of service, so we started repairing, Siemens industrial electronics. Quickly, we expanded the service and nowadays we are repairing all kinds of industrial electronics.

2. What kind of support and guarantee does UNIS Group offer to the customer, when the product is accepted for the repair?

UNIS Group is an international service organization specialized in the repair and supply of industrial electronics. The electronics are cleaned, repaired and tested in accordance with strict quality standards. At UNIS Group, we fully test all the industrial electronics that we both repair and sell. Our technicians utilize more than 300 test systems that are specifically designed to test a multitude of brands and types.

We offer customers:

•    Fixed repair prices
•    No Fix No Fee service
•    Up to 2 years warranty
•    Emergency repairs
•    Preventative maintenance
•    Repair of the end of life electronics
•    24/7 available

Each electronic board has components on it, for each component, there is a life cycle. So, when we get a repair in, we exchange all the time critical components and provide up to 2 years warranty on the complete part.

3. How cost efficient and time saving is the repair of electronic products at UNIS Group?

We offer fixed prices for repairs; these prices are based on the new list price. This saves a lot of time and money for manufacturers especially when they have a problem with their end-of-life products. By using our services, the customers are not forced to invest in new electronics, when they have a defect, while the main manufacturer of the electronics will always try to force them to invest in new electronics.

By having more than 150,000 parts on stock and offering the option for emergency repair, we can help our customer directly and shorten any production stand still. We believe that our customers must have the ability to continue using their existing systems as long as possible. Based on this philosophy, we not only provide service on all the updated and new electronics, but also on the old and obsolete parts that the original manufacturer doesn’t support anymore, so called the end-of-life products.

4. What are your strategic implementations behind your company being one amongst the leaders in this sector of repairs and sales of electronic products?

As a repair company, we need to offer a very high-quality on repairs of industrial electronics. We need to know for sure that any repaired electronics are working after being repaired at our workshop. For this, we need to have a lot of expertise and knowledge.

We are always working on creating new test systems and train our engineers to be able to offer a high quality repair. UNIS Group is always growing as we continuously invest to improve our services.

UNIS Group stands for ‘Quality in Repair’, which in turn has led to more than 12,000 customers worldwide.  

5. Where is UNIS Group heading as of now? Outline your future aspirations, objectives and plans?

Our overall aspiration is to offer every company with industrial electronics worldwide the ability to continue using their existing systems as long as possible. By having subsidiaries and workshops in several countries, we are close to our customers.

That´s why we always look forward to having more subsidiaries around the world.
Next, to that, we simply want to remain the best in the repair and supply of industrial electronics.