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Maria Torrisi
About: Maria Torrisi - Business Development Manager

Maria Torrisi is a Business Development Manager at JMartans Automation Ltd, a leader in Automation solutions in Malta for industrial and building applications. Her professional career started in the United Kingdom and has recently led her to the fast-growing market of Malta. She is an obsolete spares specialist for electronic automation who has developed long-lasting relationships with customers and suppliers all over the world.

1) JMartans is one-stop supplier for all automation needs.

As a Business Development Manager, how do you ensure your supply chain is well in shape?

By setting up procedures. My 10-year experience within the automation industry has taught me that having a plan of action is the best way to run a successful business.

JMartans is ISO9001 certified company and the procedures to follow for the supply chain are well explained in detail in our quality manual.

We export our products and services all over the globe, so it’s paramount to be able to track all the items coming in and going out and make sure that all our customers are happy and satisfied with our service, and our employees work in a safe environment.

The smooth process of the supply chain starts at the quotation stage: by understanding customer’s expectations, evaluate the feasibility of the project and making clear to the customer what we can and cannot be achieved.

I’m a strong believer that clear guidance and step by step communication of our services and products to our customers are vital in promoting lifetime value and relationship.

We train our staff to monitor the status of our customers’ orders daily so to minimize the risks of issues. Of course, sometimes issues arise, but it is my professional philosophy to tackle the problem immediately and do everything I can to sort the issue for the customer – even if it might result in an extra unpaid effort from our side.

2. What are JMartans top selling automation spare parts? Please explain in detail.

By the time of setup of the company in 2005, the core business of JMartans was system integration. Slowly, due to the market demands, we enlarged our portfolio of products and started to supply electrical and electronic equipment.

We have established successful and, in some cases, exclusive partnerships with many leading European OEMs, such as Beckhoff, Pilz, Datalogic, Distech, and Belimo.

In addition, we have introduced a new service in Malta that is the supply of obsolete spare parts. In the past, our customers had to source for obsolete spare parts from overseas suppliers. Alternatively, they had to undergo complete revamping or upgrade of the entire system, with all costs involved.

Thanks to JMartans’ global network of partners and suppliers and advantageous commercial conditions, we fill the gap between our customers and the equipment they need, no matter where it’s located. For this reason, we pride ourselves to be the one-stop supplier for all automation requirements.

JMartans portfolio of customers is quite vast and it’s spread worldwide: companies in the food & beverage industry, automotive, pharmaceutical, paper and cardboard industries, waste management facilities, industries that specialize in plastic and injection molding and so forth.

For the local and European market, Siemens HMI’s and Inverters and Beckhoff equipment are by far the most popular products that we supply.

In terms of projects, we have completed several installations both for band industrial automation. Some of our projects are presented on a dedicated section of our website.

Among our top sellers, we count safety devices (e.g. light curtains) and sensors (inductive, photoelectric, ultrasonic and so forth).

3. What does the future hold for automation systems industry? Can you predict the trend in coming future?

It’s pretty safe to assume that nowadays industries are taking all the necessary steps to migrate to a smart industry. In the last couple of years, we have already completed several projects to convert existing industries and building into more energy efficient premises.

4. What do you think are the key factors in keeping marine systems running 24/7?

Marine automation is the trickiest of our division. That’s not because of technical difficulties, but rather because it requires immediate support. If any kind of vessel, from a super yacht to a ferry has a fault, this needs to be addressed immediately. As a service provider, we must have the resources available 24/7 to go on site and diagnose/fix the issue. Furthermore, it’s of paramount importance that the issue, once fixed, does not occur again when the vessel is at sea!

I’d say that the key to having a marine system running 24/7 is the same as for industrial machinery that is: regular preventive maintenance. By checking the equipment regularly and replacing worn out components one can minimize the risks of sudden breakdowns.

Here at JMartans we strongly believe and promote preventive maintenance and are always happy to guide our clients towards the necessary steps to prevent machinery or boat failures.

5. What have been your greatest achievements as a business development manager in JMartans?

The achievement I’m most proud of is the successful transaction of JMartans from a family run business to an organization which now boasts of corporate procedures, high quality certified standards, reliable network of suppliers, an e-store, and international customers.

6. What steps you take to ensure customer satisfaction in the highest level along with best-in-class, after-sales, and value-added benefits?

One of our company objectives is an ambitious 100% customer satisfaction. Competition is fierce and it’s important to stand out from the mass by the quality of the products that we sell but also by the attitude that we adopt towards our customers. For example, I’ve set a response time to e-mails within 20 minutes from receipt.  We make sure that everyone gets a reply/feedback, even if it’s a negative outcome.

We employ people that have strong work ethics and are happy to go above and beyond customers’ expectations.