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Mr. Kenny Chua
About: Mr. Kenny Chua - Marketing Manager

Unafraid to challenge the norm. B2B marketer with 12 years of experience in overseeing regional inbound/outbound marketing portfolio. Possesses a strong buyer persona approach towards building successful campaigns.

1. How might Cybersecurity affect the development and implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT)?

IoT is like a double-edged sword, on one hand, it creates new business opportunities while on another hand it requires data sharing that could compromise vital company information. I believe a company has to first spend a vast amount of time to understand its current structure, how it is storing customer information, whether back-end systems are secured enough, before even thinking of implementing IoT.

2. How do you think the lack of uniform technical standards might affect the implementation and development of the Internet of Things (IoT)?

I read somewhere there is already pressure for governments to regulate the cybersecurity of IoT. With country-specific regulation, that means there will be disparate requirements that only large players might be able to fit. This might hinder open innovation to the implementation and development of IoT.  

3. What IoT technology trends will define the future in 2019 and beyond?

With smart devices such as self-driving cars and smart home appliances becoming a mainstay in our everyday life, faster processing of data has become an important factor and Edge computing is said to be the solution to these IoT trends to watch out for in 2019 and beyond.

4. With digital transformation, technologies such as big data, IoT and cloud storage are on the topmost agenda of all the businesses. What does it mean for the industry?

In my industry of industrial automation, we can expect to see more usages of IoT devices to perform reporting and tracking actions, such as assisting engineers in providing insightful suggestions through artificial intelligence.

5. Big data and Artificial Intelligence are powerful on their own. What happens when the two are merged. Please elaborate.

In layman terms, IoT is usually about collecting/safeguarding data, and Artificial Intelligence will be taking out these essential data through self-learning to present intelligent insights for the end-users.  A merger of these two will create a powerful decision-making model for all business and end-users.