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Mr. Jayakumar V
About: Mr. Jayakumar V - Director

Director at Autosys Engineering, Autosys Control Systems, Kore Mechatronics - Project Management Process Control and Automation Operational Excellence Personnel Ethics.

1.How does Autosys engage with the growing needs of the industries triggered by the consumer demands?

Customers are more knowledgeable in Automation, which drives automation industry to provide latest and modern technology for various needs of the Industry.  Labor cost reduction is no longer the key deliverable of Automation.  It has been replaced by consistency, accountability repeatability and measurability. In view of this more and more customers engage towards Automation.  With the advent of new modern manufacturing techniques and seamless integration of Business process to Production Engineering, customers are more oriented towards Automation.  Autosys is engaging customers with new concepts of Automation from Raw material inward to finished goods dispatch.  Traceability of product is achieved with Electro-mechanical automation and seamless integration of Business software with Production.

Autosys focuses on improving efficiency of a given process by providing optimal solutions and leveraging their existing infrastructure to maximum possible extent by means of modernization and Automation.

Autosys also provides a turnkey approach for solutions.  With skills available in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Software Engineering, Autosys provides a complete and wholesome scope in delivering products and solutions.

So, Autosys is not in the business of supplying a single instrument like PLC. We partner with our customers to deliver competitive advantage

2. Which attributes, in your perspective, are requisite to becoming an expert in multi-disciplinary engineering for automating factories?

System’s thinking is quite opposite to that of reductionist analytical reasoning. Synergizing across disciplines, integrating multiple sub systems, architecting information flows, managing complex projects – all these require a  set of skills and capabilities that are distinctively different from being a specialist in any one area or product. Our core team has over 20 years of experience across 500+ projects and that can make a huge difference.

3. Has designing products specifically for the Indian subcontinent been uniquely challenging? If so, how?

Autosys brings global solutions to affordable solutions in India.  Many batching and weighing solutions which are provided as state of art facilities, meet the requirements of global customers in India. Several large groups in bulk material processing industry have standardized with Autosys solutions.  We use industry’s leading sub systems and components (such as Rockwell systems and Siemens Switch gear) for all our projects. But yes, designing an automation and control scheme for an Indian customer requires a fine balance between budget, sophistication and practical needs..

4. How do the products manufactured by Autosys help curb the impact on environment?

The more intelligent your control systems are, the more efficient the process will be. This reduces material wastage, rework, energy consumption, water consumption etc. Autosys offers solutions which use the concept of reuse of rare resources.  Solutions help customers reduce material wastage, avoid rework, reduce energy / water consumption and improve overall efficiency.

5. With MNCs from foreign countries doing business in India, how will the game of competition change?

MNC’s are raising the bar on the budgets allocated for automation, traceability, manufacturing intelligence etc. This is pushing Indian companies to keep pace with them, because if they don’t, their competitive advantage will erode.  Many MNC’s operating in India have standardized their automation requirements with solutions provided by Autosys. This has increased our credibility, enabling Indian companies to rely on us with trust and confidence. Autosys provides economical automation, which will be beneficial to customers after long usage.  The solutions offered by Autosys are at a fraction of the cost offered by global companies.
6. What are the key products and industries that Autosys deals with?

Today there is hardly any industry that we don’t work with directly or indirectly. Our projects are broadly classified in to 6 major areas: Material handling and Batching Automation, Instrumentation and Control, EPC Projects, Manufacturing Intelligence and MES Software, Special Purpose / Custom Products, PLC and Instrumentation system for Water and Waste Water industry.

7. When it comes to affordability and manufacturing cost, does Autosys deploy a special approach? 

One of our key successes in Automation is the focus on the cost of Manufacturing.  Low cost solutions will not provide lower cost of manufactured goods.  Total cost of ownership vs. cost of manufacturing a product requires a balance.  Autosys provides solutions to the customers, keeping this in mind, along with long term benefits.  This involves reduced maintenance cost, less raw material wastage and improving process accuracy. 

We focus on total cost of ownership for our customers, instead of the initial cost. Having said that, we are proud to have executed turnkey projects that cost 1/3rd of what they do in other parts of the world. We still use the products of global MNCs in our BOMs. But we optimize the investment by right-sizing the project. And our experience allows us to engineer and execute a project which enables customers to achieve their target cost of manufacturing.

8. What are the typical operations involved in plant modernisation and process automation?

If it is a green field project, it is a lot simpler as you can design these elements right up front. But retrofitting automation into an existing plant is a lot more complex and we, as a team, specialize in it. We study the plant thoroughly. Then we spend significant amount of time with their top management to understand the strategic priorities, their business context, immediate pain points (from the market as well as operationally), investment capacity and the low hanging fruits in terms of potential ROI. It is only then that we recommend a solution. Of course, we also factor in practical things like available space, limitations of roof height etc.

9. In a world where nature is under a perpetual threat, where does Autosys stand in its responsibility towards environment and people?

Autosys builds systems keeping in mind health and safety of the operating staff.  The solutions offered meet many global standards of health and safety.  

As far as our organization is concerned, we are a very people-oriented organization. More than 90% of our people are qualified engineers. For any engineer from any discipline, (who is not attracted to the pure IT/software industry), we provide a very challenging environment. We groom them in multi-disciplinary engineering skills, system integration, project management and customer handling. No other industry can offer this kind of all-round development for engineers.