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Andrew Minturn
About: Andrew Minturn - Business Development and Strategic Product Manager

As Business Development and Strategic Product Manager for Bosch Rexroth, Andrew Minturn supports the implementation of Industry 4.0 for businesses across the UK. Now established as one of the key experts on the subject, Andrew has given a number of talks at leading industry events demonstrating the benefits and best practice of creating an Industry 4.0-enabled facility. Andrew’s career in engineering spans over 25 years, during which time he has worked across industries such as aerospace, general automation, food & packaging and medical. He began working as an engineering toolmaker for BMW Manufacturing, formerly known as The Rover Group, in 1991, where he was responsible for the manufacture of car body presses and tooling. Andrew remained at this company for ten years before going on to study for his ONC and HNC qualifications. He subsequently joined Bosch Rexroth as a Technical Support Engineer in 2002. While working at Bosch Rexroth, Andrew continued his formal education in engineering, graduating from the University of Bath with a First-Class degree in Engineering Systems in 2010. He went on to specialise in assembly technology and system sales, before moving on to his current role of Business Development and Strategic Product Manager in 2016.

1. Can you please share the list of customized plant automation components and solutions offered by Bosch Rexroth Ltd?

At Bosch Rexroth, we have a host of automation components and solutions available to meet the specific needs of each of our customers as we strive to support them in improving their levels of productivity and efficiency at a time.

As we look to a digitalized future in Industry 4.0, our IoT Gateway provides the perfect introduction to the Internet of Things. Enabling the networking of new and existing machines, Bosch Rexroth’s IoT gateway provides a cost-effective solution to optimize production processes and product quality. Helping to streamline operations in customers’ facilities, our Active solutions deliver real-time insights into equipment performance. Active Cockpit, for instance, makes it simple to collect, process and visualize the relevant data of a manufacturing facility, presenting the vital performance figures in real time to enable faster and more accurate decision making on the shop floor.

But we go beyond simply creating and supplying products which can transform industrial operations – we practice what we preach. At several of our plants, including Homburg in Germany, we install and run newly developed equipment, trialing it to ensure they are at the correct technical level before releasing them to our customers.

2. What approach do you implement in understanding the customer’s requirements and how do you resolve their problems? Please share your insights.

No matter the project, whether it’s big or small, the journey we take with our customers starts in the same place – developing an understanding of the challenges they face. This means assessing how they’re currently doing things, learning about their pain points, and identifying where improvements can be made to feel the most benefit. This enables us to improve where they’re at, which might result in working towards a solution which streamlines how they do things, or even changing the processes they currently have in place to allow for more efficient production.

3. What are your strategies in the execution of Bosch Rexroth's Product Management?

Our goal is to support our customers in overcoming the challenges they face every day so they can continue to excel in today’s global marketplace. One of the benefits of launching our Factory of the Future, as well as working so closely with our customers, is that we gain unique industry insights. This allows us to fully understand the equipment our customers need to meet both current and future market demands. It’s this knowledge which drives our product development, so each product is in-line with these needs.

4. In what ways do Bosch Rexroth represent a one-stop solution for controls, electric drives, hydraulics, mechanics, and pneumatics? Please elaborate.

Having operated in the industrial environment for decades, we’ve developed an unrivaled level of expertise while forging strong relationships with our customers. As a result, when our customers encounter a problem, they know they can turn to us for guidance. And it’s those same reasons which mean we can deliver complete line integration, providing the ideal solution for every challenge.

Even on occasions where we’re unable to provide a piece of equipment directly from Rexroth, we’re able to lean on a network of suppliers. That might mean other companies within the Bosch Group, or other suppliers which we’ve worked with for many years.

But whatever the route, we’re able to fulfill our aim of being a one-stop solution for our customers – and that’s because our unique approach enables us to understand their needs, and for our team to drive customers towards the best solutions for them. This is our customer-centric approach.

5. What is the main purpose of Rexroth Universal System for Energy Efficiency (4EE) in supporting Machine manufacturers across the globe?

As part of delivering the best-suited solutions to our customers, energy efficiency is an important consideration. There are two sides to this: to reduce the environmental impact of operations; and to reduce running costs for customers. Both of these elements allow our customers to be more nimble in our highly competitive global marketplace.

An example of this is our hydraulics, motors, and drives. Traditionally, this sort of equipment would run continuously, but the modern smart machines we have developed through Factory of the Future only work when they’re needed, cutting costs and emissions.

6. Would you like to share your insights on Bosch Rexroth's global business units?

While we at Rexroth have a wealth of expertise behind us, it’s still crucial for us to recognize the value in being part of the broader Bosch Group and the support this means we can lean on when needed. The recent Hannover Fair is a great example of what can be achieved when we work closely together. It wasn’t just the scale of our combined presence this year, but the results which can be achieved for our customers. Similarly, our Factory of the Future is a combined effort, enabling each division the pass on the wealth of expertise which is generated from this undertaking to our customers.

Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services, operating across four business sectors: Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods and Energy & Building Technology. It’s this shared knowledge which allows us to offer customers connected solutions from a single source – and we’re proud to be a part of it.