Lalit Dhamija
About: Lalit Dhamija - Team Leader (Procurement Process)

Lalit Dhamija is team leader (procurement process) at ADCO and the chairman of the CIPS UAE Abu Dhabi branch. He has more than 35 years experience in the procurement and supply chain profession, working in both the public and private sectors.

1. Modular construction has a list of benefits to itself. What are the procurement challenges faced in a large scale construction projects?
Procurement challenges for a large scale construction projects include controlling actual delivery time for various items as per project requirements as Lead time varies depending on items / supplier and geographical location. The other challenges which are faced include items being received short or damaged, third party inspection at place of manufacturing and stakeholders’management.

2. What are the evolved procurement methods being applied in the Middle East region for procurement?
Procurement methods to be applied in the Middle East region include Procure to Pay, Lump sum or Call out Contracts, Minor Work Orders, Long Term Price Agreements with or without Commitment and Low value Purchase Orders.

3. How is procurement in traditional construction project different from modular construction and prefabrication construction modules?
Traditional Procurement is mostly generic and predictable which creates a huge difference between the procurement processes. Strategic sourcing for Pre-fab needs precise and comprehensive specifications and expertise whereas in traditional procurement specifications are not as detailed.Logistics challenges especially for Over Dimensional Consignments needs to be addressed during the procurement for prefabrication construction projects.

4. How do you think cost overrun and time Delays can be minimized through prefabrication and modular construction methodologies?
Costs as well as time delays can be prevented by effective prefab and modular construction methods. Alternative plans and risk analysis at the time of Initiation may prevent cost and time overruns. Detailed planning is a requirement that must be part of the overall plan in order to ensure project success.Difficult, complex and challenging work can be done in a controlled environment as compared to risky project scenario where multi agencies are working on diverse activities in temporary settings.

5. What are your expectations from the summit and how do you rate the topics of the discussion at the summit?
My expectations are that the Summit provides opportunity to see various facets of Modular Construction from perspectives of Architects, Designers, Project Managers, Construction personnel, Procurement and Logistics experts. It should also provide attendees exposure to various diverse aspects such as sustainability, manufacturing, construction, installation, quality control, procurement, transportation etc. It is a platform for interactive debates of industry professionals providing diverse view points and challenging status quo for sharing of best practices which can be emulated by others. Needless to mention, I look forward to networking with industry professionals.