Rockwell Automation's New FLEXLINE 3500 Motor Control Center

Rockwell Automation, Inc., the world's leading company in industrial automation and digital transformation, has introduced the FLEXLINE™ 3500, a new low voltage motor control center (MCC) tailored for the IEC markets worldwide.

The FLEXLINE 3500 MCC empowers manufacturers to enhance production data access, uptime, and productivity through its portfolio of smart products. This MCC integrates with smart motor control devices to provide real-time operational and diagnostic data for critical equipment.

“Hannover is a globally renowned trade show that focuses on pivotal industry themes like Industry 4.0, intelligent devices, and sustainability,” said Diego Wilches, Global Product Manager at Rockwell Automation. “Our connected technology offers real-time operational data, enabling manufacturers to preempt and resolve downtime issues, boost motor control energy efficiency, and minimize power consumption across their operations. Launching this new solution at Hannover is a perfect fit.”

The FLEXLINE 3500 features a modular design that can be customized for various low-voltage motor control applications and factory setups. It is engineered to cater to a broad spectrum of industries, including food and beverage and oil and gas. When combined with smart variable frequency drives, this MCC can notably reduce power consumption.

The motor control center is designed to integrate motor control and power distribution into a single, centralized system, complying with IEC 61439-1&2 standards for global customers. The smart devices within the FLEXLINE MCC offer numerous advantages:

  •     Reduce unplanned downtime with alarms and advanced diagnostics
  •     Lower maintenance and energy costs
  •     Boost production throughput
  •     Enhance plant and personnel safety
  •     Decrease engineering and commissioning expenses
  •     Support sustainability by reducing the need for extensive cabling

“Integrating intelligence into manufacturing processes is a significant strategic shift we’re observing among manufacturers,” commented Craig Resnick, Vice President at ARC Advisory Group. “The introduction of the FLEXLINE 3500 motor control center by Rockwell Automation provides plant operators with deeper insights, enabling data-driven decision-making that enhances profitability, productivity, and operational efficiency.”

The FLEXLINE 3500 MCC is designed to meet a wide array of industrial applications and manufacturing requirements. For detailed product information and a full list of specifications, visit