Beckhoff Boosts Analog I/O Flexibility with New Multifunctional Terminal

Beckhoff has launched the EL4374 EtherCAT Terminal, a versatile analog I/O module designed to enhance system flexibility and streamline parts management. The EL4374 supports a wide range of signals, including -10/0 to +10 V and -20/0/+4 to +20 mA, making it suitable for various standard automation tasks with a sampling rate of 1 ksps per channel.

This capability to handle diverse signal types allows companies to replace multiple specialized terminals with a single EL4374, reducing both costs and space requirements in I/O systems. This consolidation enables engineers to adapt swiftly to changing application demands, minimize the inventory of spare parts, and improve preparedness for future challenges and evolving application needs.

The EL4374 combines two analog inputs and two analog outputs in a compact 12-millimeter housing. Using Beckhoff’s TwinCAT 3 automation software, engineers can configure each channel individually for current or voltage mode. The module digitizes analog inputs and outputs with a 16-bit resolution, ensuring precise data transmission to the central automation device while maintaining galvanic isolation.

Additionally, the EL4374 terminal features a signal measurement range extending to +107% of the nominal range, facilitating commissioning with sensor values near operational limits and compliance with NAMUR NE43 standards. The outputs can deliver up to 107% of the nominal value, and the high output power supports loads up to 750 Ω at 20 mA, making it a robust solution for various automation applications.