Water Saving Solutions | Weda Pool Cleaners

Saving water and reducing chemicals should be of interest to everyone these days. At home and in business.

The environmental issues are becoming more and more relevant for all. Very few have missed all discussions about climate change and its effects being highlighted worldwide by a 16-year-old Swedish school girl Greta Thunberg.

It is time for us to also consider the water situation around the world. Only 1 % of our water is fresh water available to us and it circulates. Desalination plants are growing worldwide but at this point the total production is limited and it is not enough.

Chemicals introduced in our waters, chlorine in swimming pools and other chemicals in factory reservoirs, circulating waters in cooling towers etc. will eventually have to be removed in energy consuming plants. We will eventually drink this water as you may understand.

Weda has focused on this for more than 40 years with their underwater robots with the simple idea that by frequent removal of built-up sediment the demand for chemicals to keep bacteria, cryptosporidium, etc. will be decreased. Another issue is legionella that creates sometimes fatal situations in for example cooling plants.

This does not only reduce chemicals but also saves energy since there are fewer chemicals to be removed.

A study at the Royal Institute of Technology showed that frequent cleaning of bottoms of public pools minimizes the need for chlorine addition in the pool waters. This improves the health of all swimmers and even more so amongst personnel around the pools that often encounter asthma-related problems.

Another study (India) has shown that 1 % less turbidity in a cooling tower tank may result in up to a 10 % increase in energy efficiency from the cooling tower.

It may be that climate change will be considered secondary to the water crisis in the world in the near future but there is no Greta Thunberg presenting this. Everyone who has been hit by one day without water understands this however and in the western world water from our taps is taken for granted.

Lack of water is a daily problem for a huge part of the world’s population today and there are several new methods introduced for cleaning the waters.

Acting at an earlier stage by keeping the water reservoirs, pools and tanks as clean as possible is the focus at Weda. By not having to drain the water there is also a large saving since water is becoming a cost to consider.

Over more than 50 years in the water business, Weda has developed cleaners for public pools, drinking water reservoirs (on-land and towers), cooling tower tanks, collection reservoirs in several industries, fruit plantations, etc.