Top 5 Conveyor Belt Manufacturers and Suppliers Globally

The industrial conveyor belts are used for carrying materials or components of different shapes, sizes, and weights from one place to another in various end-user industries. With conveyor belts, there is a reduction in operation time, material losses, cost, and are important parts of automation solutions in manufacturing plants. The conveyor belts need to be carefully maintained or it can lead to partial or total shutdown although they are popularly used for proper conveying of various materials and components. They are prone to mechanical damages, abrasive wear, and loss of flexibility, etc. and hence require inspection for smooth operations, periodic maintenance, increasing the overall maintenance cost. This factor may hamper the overall product market growth rate over the forecast time spell.

Conveyor Belt Market Overview:

The conveyor belt system market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.33% from 2018 to 2025, to attain a market size of USD 9.9 billion by 2025 from an anticipated USD 7.4 billion in 2018. The major drivers for this market are the improving process efficiency, increasing demand for handling larger volumes of goods, increasing FDI investments in food and beverage, automotive, retail and airport sectors, and material safety concerns. Besides, one of the major for this market is the growth of the e-commerce industry, which has resulted in increased demand for fulfillment centers and warehouses. One of the biggest challenges faced by conveyor manufacturers is preventing food contamination chances, especially in meat and dairy products. Due to the high demand for food and beverages, the growing retail industry, and the growth of the automotive industry, Asia Pacific dominates the conveyor system market.

Top Industrial Conveyor Belt Manufacturers and Suppliers

Some of the major players operating in the global industrial conveyors market are Continental AG (Germany), Daifuku (Japan), Fives (France), Intralox, BEHA Belt.

A) Continental AG

Germany-based Continental is one of the leading developer and manufacturer of innovative conveyor belt technology. The company delivers comprehensive servicing for conveyor belts and systems in mining, mechanical and plant engineering, and many other industries. The conveyor belt systems assist efficient processes and transportation workflows in all industries and are customized to specific use and the correct service. The Continental portfolio for conveyor belt systems includes textile conveyor belts, steel cord conveyor belts, solid woven conveyor belts, lightweight conveyor belts, and enclosed conveyor belts for safe and efficient transportation, conveyor belts for steep incline conveying. In machine and plant engineering, the conveyor belt Solutions for a variety of tasks by Continental make lifting, conveying, and moving materials easier. Besides, Continental offers a comprehensive service. This includes technical advice, assembly, training and more and more commonly belt monitoring as well.

B) Daifuku

A wide variety of lineups are provided by Daifuku to address production and deliveries, which are becoming lesser in quantities and lots due to the complication and diversification of consumer needs. The company offers different types of conveyors including roller-type conveyors for cases, inclined belt conveyors, chain conveyors for heavy cargo, accumulation conveyors. Daifuku lineups can flexibly accommodate the installation requirements and characteristics of customer loads. The conveyors in combination with automated storage and peripheral equipment, including sorting and picking devices form an optimal transport system.

C) Fives Group

France-based Fives Group is an integrator and manufacturer of several conveyor solutions. The company’s core business includes integration of small part, palletized conveyors as well as complete assembly lines for automotive and non-automotive solutions. The standard conveyor solutions balance Fives capability for full vehicle and power train assembly solutions. To meet the needs of various industries, Fives Group offers several ranges of conveyors such as modular logistics conveyors that are fast, quiet, require less maintenance and make load handling efficient and easy. They are designed for the objects to handle and various configurations of buildings and can be modified for various purposes like accumulation or sorting, transportation); they can be curved, straight, convergent or divergent. Moreover, Fives also offers a full range of electrical “plug and play” type conveyors, which make it possible to store loads of various sizes without contact and are highly modular, which is especially useful if facilities are remodeled. Apart from the modular logistics, Fives Group has also designed conveyors for postal and airports.

D) Intralox

The company offers comprehensive conveyance solutions including conveyor equipment, belting, and services to help you optimize your plant. Being the leading producers of modular plastic conveyor belting, Intralox provides high-quality specialized solutions for virtually every type of conveyor. Intralox belts set the standard for reliability and performance across a wide variety of applications and industries. Compared to metal, fabric, or rubber belts, modular plastic conveyor belts offer many advantages. With so many options, selecting the right conveyor belt is quite challenging. Intralox offers customized belt recommendations to ensure your belt meets your conveyor, performance needs, product, and every belt recommendation is backed by the company’s performance guarantee. Another interesting feature that Intralox offers is the scientific revolution of hygienic conveyance – “ThermoDrive technology”. It optimizes the operational performance of your conveyor system with the patented tensionless belt system. It goes beyond the traditional positive drive systems and creates entirely new opportunities for advances in the hygienic belt and conveyor system.

E) BEHA Belt

BEHA Belt offers the elastic monolithic conveyor belts that can be combined in almost any way. You even have the possibility of individual coloring and the addition of optional product properties such as UV-C resistance or antistatic dissipation. The company aims to provide innovative solutions in high-quality to customers. There’s already an immense variety of conveyor belt categories and design variations available on the market. And this is where the elastic monolithic conveyor belts by BEHA Belt deliver an important contribution. The elastic monolithic conveyor belts are especially useful for the various applications to convey unwrapped foodstuff. BEHA Belt offers a complete line of V-belts and round belts, as well as a wide-spread selection of special materials and profiles that can be customized to suit your requirements. (E.g. round belts, V-belts, ridge-top-V-belts, hollow round belts and many more).