Top 4 Farming Machinery You Need To Know

Machinery used in farming or other agriculture refers to agricultural machinery. Human life has been comfortable because of the efforts farmers have put in through the farm machinery, to produce the daily necessities. Harvesting hundreds of acres of wheat, corn, rice on land by these sophisticated machines play a vital role in a farmer's life. More efficient crops are produced by applying new technologies that are environmentally friendly, and utilize less power.

Agricultural equipment is used by farmers in cultivating, harvesting of crops and planting. These days, farming is done on a large scale, using heavy agricultural equipment like tractors equipped with large ploughs. From hand tools and power tools to tractors and countless kinds of farm implements that they operate, there are many types of such equipment. Apart from tractors, the most common types of machinery and equipment used on farms include planters, mowers, sprayers, balers, plows and combines.

We have listed below few of the top farming machinery.

List Of Farming Machinery

1) AFS Harvest Command™ Combine Automation System

Regardless of operator skill level, the new AFS Harvest Command combine automation system  harvests at peak efficiency.  This advanced technology, available with the Axial-Flow® 250 series combine, simplifies harvest by optimizing and proactively sensing machine settings. The advantage with this would be you can maximize grain quality and grain savings. It also monitors fan, rotor and ground speed, pre, top and lower sieve and cage vane angle position. Moreover, it also features 16 sensors that utilize extensive technology to achieve the productivity of an expert.

Global agriculture equipment manufacturer, Case IH unveiled this equipment at the 2018 Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa.

2) The Xarvio Digital Farming Solutions Scouting Application

The firm develops digital solutions for digitization of agriculture and crop optimization. Based on two main products, Xarvio™ scouting and Xarvio™ field manager, Xarvio™ is continuously working on new products and tools.

Equipped with an image recognition technology, we can identify 11 known diseases and 11 weed species. To identify the disease or weed, farmers can take in-field photos and cross-reference the images in a database.

Features of Xarvio™ scouting :

•    Weed identification – Identification of weeds in a simple and automatic way.
•    Yellow trap analysis – Detects both species present and population density and easy analysis of yellow insect monitoring traps.
•    Disease recognition - Plant diseases can be automatically identified.
•    Nitrogen recommendation - Evaluation of the nitrogen uptake in a crop.
•    Leaf damage detection -  Leaf damage can be quantified.
•    Radar-  An overview of what is happening in surrounding areas is given.
•    Notifications - Immediate alerts are sent when diseases or pests are spreading in the area.

Features of Xarvio™ Field Manager :

Available as a mobile app and as a PC version. It includes:

•    Status - Anytime and anywhere, farmers can know what is happening in each of their fields.
•    Spray timer - Based on current-in season risks, provides customized fungicide and insecticide spray recommendations for individual fields. With the right dosage, it enables the farmers to spray at the right time, only when needed.
•    Zone spray - Based on current in-field risk differences, provides field-zone specific recommendations for the right dosage.

3) The Yield Center’s 360Sprint System

Designed for the on-the-go liquid fertilizer, the 360Sprint System in less than four minutes can refill and load 300 gallons. This would save a great deal of time for the operators, enabling them to cover as much as 30 percent more acres in a single day.

4)  The VISUM™ Fertilizer Sensor System

Unlike conventional optical sensors, this system uses vibration sensors to detect product flow failures during strip-till fertilizer or deep placement banding application. It's mainly designed for dry fertilizer and is resistant to the effects of crusting. Its new feature of exclusive wireless flow blockage monitoring technology help growers enhance their productivity and profitability.

In modern farming operations, the importance of farm machinery management has increased because of its direct relation to the success of management in combining labor, capital and land for a satisfactory profit.