Industrial Mining Equipment & Machinery | Mining Industry

With the increasing commodity prices, costs of materials, speed and nature of recovery variable in the mining industry are under pressure. The latest equipment helps in improving production efficiency and achieves operational excellence resulting in higher profit margins.

The mining machinery used depends on the type of mineral resources that are mined, its location, and machinery is worth enough money to justify extracting it. Mining changes the landscape and environment of the place.

A short guide of outline for few solutions:

•    Crushing
•    Transport
•    Grinding and sizing
•    Leaching and absorption
•    Elution and Electro winning
•    Bullion production
•    Water treatment
•    Tailings disposal


Following are the Equipment used in the Industrial mining

•    Drills
•    Excavators
•    Draglines
•    Continuous miners
•    Long wall miners
•    Rock dusters
•    Shuttle cars and scoops
•    Roof bolters


Drilling is the most important and expensive of all process in mining. Locating mineral exploration on the site is drilling process which helps in testing the economic value of the mineral. Drilling gives a clear picture of the ores deposited underground.


Mining Equipment enables superior productivity by loading and hauling maximum tonnage in the shortest amount of time. Mining excavators are known for their exceptional performance, excellent reliability, simple operation and operator comfort.


Dragline drops the bucket on the material and then drag it horizontally. It is useful in various fields like

•    Deep down excavation
•    Road excavation
•    Surface mining
•    Construction of ports, harbour etc.
•    Underwater excavation
•    Deep down pile driving


Draglines are of three types

•    Wheel-mounted dragline
•    Crawler type dragline
•    Truck mounted dragline


•    A continuous miner can able to cut the full face in one pass
•    It can be easily moveable between sections without dismantling parts also, excavate right angle turns with a minimum radius.
•    The space alongside the machinery allows good ventilation of the face area for efficient removal of gas and dust.
•    Have roof and rib bolters fixed to the machine in a location where each row of the designed support pattern can be installed without moving the miner and allow beds supports to be safely installed while coal cutting continues even to the closest of the cut face.


Longwall mining is a method of carving walls in the underground coal seams and then mining long corridors of coal adjacent to the entrance. The coal mined and carried away via conveyer belt to the surface.


Rock dusting is the practice of removing coal dust. The purpose of rock dusting is to remove flame propagation when the dust is dispersed by the pressure wave from an explosion.


Shuttle cars are used to remove the cut material from the workplace to ensure the continuous performance of the mining. Haulage trucks are very large to enter into a underground mining shuttle cars meet the necessity of the haulage. The maximum speed limit of the shuttle car is about 9.6km/hr.

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Roof bolting is a very dangerous task in mining, freshly mined path undergo roof bolting to secure the safety of the miners. Sometimes it would be very risky for the workers to get out of the mine if the pieces of the roof fell. Roof bolting machine drills the steel rods into the roof prolong it to the adjacent walls for stiffness & supporting the roof.