Digital Manufacturing

Are you challenged with balancing strategic and operational priorities at your manufacturing plant? Do you face similar challenges as?

» Huge material losses resulting from not following standard operating procedures

» Sustainably scaling up corporate lean manufacturing practices, when most processes are manual

» Recording process data on a continuous basis for regulatory compliance

» Questionable integrity of machine downtime data

» Long machine set-up times owing to process complexity?

» Monitoring OEE on multiple machines with multiple, cumbersome spreadsheets

» Limited to nil visibility over material flow on shop floor, and hence quality issues

Relax! There is help at hand. A robust Operational Excellence program not just addresses many of these challenges, but also adds tremendous value to your organization’s bottom line. The critical enabler is technology.

This presentation on ‘Digital Manufacturing’ from GE Intelligent Platforms outlines different management, engineering and operations perspectives, how Operational Excellence helps both, along with tactical recommendations on implementing this ‘journey’ in your organization. Implemented in a phased manner, this journey provides you better process visibility, a rigorous OEE regimen, improved process reliability, predictable manufacturing and enterprise agility.

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