Zero 88

Zero 88

Watford Business Park, Watford, Herts, WD18 8JA. UK

Intuitive Control Philosophy

Ease of use is high on our priority list. All Zero 88’s products are intuitive; designed so that new users can quickly get up to speed and more experienced lighting professionals can easily program more complex lighting effects.

Intuitive and uncomplicated menu structures allow instant access to the information or commands you require.

Our products feel instantly familiar through the use of industry standard syntax. Creative user interface design allows even complex lighting commands to be executed with the minimum of key strokes. Flexible and customisable features also allow seasoned operators to tailor higher specification consoles to suit their programming style.

Creative user interface design
Instant access to commands and information
Standard industry syntax
Customisable features

Customer Service Excellence

Zero 88 is dedicated to customer satisfaction and support. We work hard to build and maintain relationships with our global distribution partners to ensure customers get the very best service and continually strive to ensure that any contact with the Zero 88 brand is a rewarding one.

Whilst part of the global Eaton organisation, Zero 88 is very close to the entertainment market and we understand what is needed to service our customers in the best possible way. Our highly flexible, customer centric approach means we can rapidly respond to changing customer needs and go the extra mile to deliver both great products and great service.

Regular free training courses, a 24 hour support forum and an extensive web-based support centre ensure our products are supported from specification, to installation and through their lifetime.

Global presence – local support
Regular free training Courses
24 hour support forum
Extensive web based support centre

Product Expertise

Zero 88 meets the needs of the entertainment lighting industry by doing what we do best – delivering targeted, reliable products to distinct segments of the marketplace such as theatre, education, television and live performance. Knowing that one product does not fit all, we research each sector and focus on developing creative solutions to meet their unique requirements.
Zero 88 has unrivalled experience of the specialists needs of entertainment technology, through the diverse expertise of its staff and the knowledge of our worldwide distribution network.

Unrivalled experience
Specially targeted products based on user feedback
Worldwide distribution network                                                                                        Best Value

Zero 88 products are robust and reliable, designed to withstand the demanding environment of live performance, including heat, dust, humidity, limited space and rigorous touring. Our products are designed to last, but if something should go wrong all our products are supported by an industry leading 3 year warranty.

Our process of continued innovation and development means Zero 88 products are frequently updated in line with changing industry needs; ensuring users have access to the very latest control technology.

Industry leading 3 year warranty
Continued innovation
Free software updates