Young Tech Co., Ltd

Young Tech Co., Ltd

662-8,Pungmu-Dong, Kimpo-City Keonggi-Do, South Korea

AboutYoung Tech Co., Ltd

Young Tech Co., Ltd (YTC) is a leading positioner manufacturer in Korea. Our accumulated techniques have been developed as the best Korean control valve trader for the last 20 years. YTC has begun to produce positioners, volume boosters and position transmitters for the first time in Korea. We have been supplying products to several power plants and domestic and overseas companies and have several certificates for explosion proof products.


YTC is fully capable of meeting any demands for the engineering, manufacturing and commissioning works of control valve systems. Now we are expanding our business area to the worldwide market.

To achieve this objective, we have established quality systems to satisfy all the conditions of ISO 9001. All employees, including the president, perform their duties in accordance with our quality system. For further technical information on our products, please do not hesitate to contact us