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Wisconsin Engineering

Vrahovicka 41d, 796 01 Prostejov, Czech Republic.

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We are always looking for enthusiastic, driven entrepreneurs to further expand our global network. We look forward to learning more about you and your business experience!

For more than 20 years, Wisconsin Engineering has been proven as a technical leader in the European outdoor power equipment industry. We′re known for making rugged and reliable commercial mowing equipment and articulated tractors.

Each model in the line has been designed, tested, and refined to withstand the daily rigors of commercial operation. Our goal is to produce tough, durable, and innovative mowers for demanding clients at competitive prices.

Many Wisconsin Engineering products fit in attractive niches between major manufacturers′ lines - technically, they are vastly superior to brands that thrive primarily due to large marketing budgets, and offered at prices that are significantly lower than ""pro only"" brands that are beyond the budgets of many potential customers. We believe offering honest value for good equipment makes for satisfied customers, which leads to long term success.

Wisconsin Engineering was founded in 1991 as an engineering design office, in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. We developed outdoor power equipment machinery (OPE) and offered consulting services to leading OPE and small engine manufacturers. Wisconsin Engineering reached an agreement with several world-renown manufacturer of lawn mowers to offer Wisconsin Engineering-built machines as the flagship of their European product range.

In 1998, Wisconsin Engineering purchased part of the former Agrostroj Prostejov in the Czech Republic to manufacture this and several other products subsequently sold under some of the most prestigious brand brands in the industry.

APR 102 DINOThe APR ′Dino′ was hugely popular thanks to excellent collection performance
MT8-110 The MT8-110 was sold under a variety of brand names across Europe

Slavia TKThe TK was sold in the US as the Zetor Zebra

Our current home has a proud tradition of manufacturing and product excellence dating back over 110 years. The Wichterle & Kovarik - Wikov - complex was founded in the 1880′s as one of the first engine and tractor production facilities in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Wikov tractor Wichterle a Kovářík a.s. was a pioneering enterprise original facilities

The factory, as it looked at the turn of the last century

Wikov 32 http://www.steel-wheels.net/wikov.html

The company was nationalized after World War II, and resumed operations at the core of the Agrostroj group. It has remained a leading center for development and manufacturing small and mid size tractors and implements.

SPS 35 ToronSelf-propelled harvester SPS 35 Toron

SPS 420 The SPS′ incorporated many new technologies and were very advanced for their time

MT8-070 Thousands of mini MT8-070 were produced in the 1980′s, many still in service today

MT8-132 The MT8-132 was one of the most popular tractors every made by Agrostroj Prostejov

Today, we are an independent, family owned manufacturer of premium quality, high performance tractors and outdoor power equipment supplying tractors and components all over the globe. We have over 200 dedicated professionals in over 270 000 sq. ft. of manufacturing, office, and warehousing space, supporting two primary business activities: design, manufacture and distribution of tractors and power equipment
contract fabrication services.

In all of our products, our aim is to deliver superior value through advanced design and technology - advanced features, high performance, and exceptional durability, and to support these products with integrity and fairness. Our long term goal is to make the Wisconsin Engineering brand name recognized for excellent equipment and satisfied customers.

We have a well-earned history of excellent products and highly rated services.

We thrive on mutually beneficial relationships with customers, partners, and suppliers.

We aggressively invest into research and development. With over 100 US, European, and International patents, Wisconsin Engineering is a progressive innovator with a consistent introduction of new products.
As a 100% privately held company, we align ourselves with long term benefits rather than short term financial gain and has been since we began manufacturing in 1999. Strict adherence to proven quality standards takes us one step further in our tireless pursuit of total customer satisfaction.

CE declarations of performance, Certificates of Newness, and other legislative documentation is available by contacting us at info@wisconsineng.cz.

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