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AboutLEMKEN GmbH & Co. KG

Our agricultural machinery is not only instantly recognisable by its blue colour, but primarily by the way it works on the field. Soil cultivation implements for optimal preparation for sowing. Sowing technology for establishing a sound foundation for high yields. Crop protection implements for protecting crops effectively and gently. We supply agricultural machinery that impresses not only through its innovation and diversity. We also implement customised solutions for farms of any size, for any soils, any market and any requirements. We develop these solutions in constant, close dialogue with the people who need them: farmers and farm contractors all around the world. LEMKEN is a global family of companies that proudly continues a business with an outstanding tradition. All of our activities serve to support our vision – a vision of farmers operating profitably. A vision of shared success based on an active exchange between farmers, distributors and manufacturers. And a vision of global food supplies being sustainably supported by efficient engineering. This vision is what makes us the Agrovision Company.We live and breathe agriculture!

Only those with a deep understanding of agriculture are capable of producing agricultural machinery that meets all of the customer's requirements. We look at innovation from the perspective of the people who put our implements to practical use. For decades, the renowned plough series “Diamant” and “Opal” have been making a contribution towards the improvement of productivity in progressive agriculture. With the “Smaragd” series, LEMKEN has considerably improved the technique of stubble cultivation. Today the “Smaragd” is one of the most widely used soil cultivation systems in Europe.

In recent years, LEMKEN has proven its competence for gentle primary soil cultivation, versatile stubble cultivation, efficient tillage procedures and precise sowing technology through a large number of successfully introduced innovations. Since taking over the field sprayer manufacturers Jacoby and RTS, in 2005, LEMKEN has been offering an even more comprehensive programme in the entire area of professional arable farming.