Via Paiette, 9/B - 35040, CASTELBALDO (PD) ITALY.


Ideal company has been working in the field of crops protection for almost 70 years, supplying both small and big farms from all over the world with its great expertise and products.

Ideal company was founded in 1947 in Begosso di Terrazzo (Verona) by Danilo Faccio, an enterprising craftsman and farmer who soon saw the need to improve the underdeveloped agricultural mechanization of his time. He produced the first self-propelled car with wooden frame and tank to be used for chemicals treatments on crops thanks to guns and other rudimentary tools connected to the tank.

The following evolution of mechanization, together with Danilo Faccio’s firmness and willingness to replace human and animal strain with mechanical tools, help the natural grow of the activity. In the early 1960s the first sprayer with engine axles ventilators and steel tanks are produced and the success is so high that in 1973 Danilo’s son, Giuseppe Faccio, enlarges the enterprise and moves to another area. And thanks to Giuseppe and his brothers, who have new and fresh ideas, new and promising machines for crops protection are introduced. Indeed, in the 1970s the first low volume sprayers are produced, and are particularly aimed at medium and low volume treatments on vineyards (and/or other crops with similar plantation systems).

Ideal’s growth and development continues, also thanks to the production of pneumatic equipments for pruning and olives harvesting, so much that in 1992 stubborn and dynamic Giuseppe Faccio decides to enlarge the factory once more. This time Ideal company moves to Castelbaldo (Padua) in new headquarters occupying an area of 8,000 sq m., of which 4,000 re covered. The new factory is settled in a close town, not only to preserve employment of current employees but also to maintain both know-how and expertise learnt during the previous years of activity. Moreover, when moving to Castelbaldo new employees are hired, and they often under 30 since Ideal aims at training them and improve their expertise to keep them in the company.

Thanks to these new resources and also to the help of Giuseppe’s sons, the production and so the company have kept growing and also this factory is enlarged. Now Ideal company is a limited company run by Silvia and Simone Faccio, Giuseppe’s sons, which is continuously growing and counts on a team of 35 trained and expert employees with an average age of 35 years. Nowadays Ideal designs and creates machines for agriculture and, in particular, for crops protection, like: sprayers, weeders, antidrft sprayers, cannons and much more for treatments on crops. The wide range of product includes both mounted and trailed sprayers, which can be equipped with different tanks and optional, in order to meet the many needs of customers and the different treatments they want to carry out.

Ideal always focuses on product customization according to the different customers’ needs and to the different markets requests, and on product innovation, part of Ideal DNA. Ideal can also count on its own design office constantly updated on new products and collaborating with many authorities and universities. Some patents have already been issued for Ideal and new products are coming, confirming both expertise and solidity, not only in Italy but also abroad. Indeed, Ideal has been working internationally since ever and can now count on dealers settled all over Italy, Europe and the entire world.