Hydra Components GmbH

Hydra Components GmbH

Eichborndamm 175, 13403 Berlin, Germany

AboutHydra Components GmbH

Hydra is one of the most experienced producers of capacitors in the world having been in the business for over 100 years. Originally founded in Germany (Berlin) Hydra was teamed with AEG for 60 years before branching out on its own.

Hydra produces more than 20 million capacitors per year with two production facilities. Our Headquarters and 50% of the production is located in the Czech Republic. The other facility is located in Vietnam where Hydra produces for Asian markets and also high volume orders for the European market.

Our goal here at Hydra is to produce our capacitors with the highest quality. During production, Hydra inspects all capacitors to ensure 100% product reliability. During post production, we again perform an additional random test. Only after passing all tests, the capacitors are then released for delivery. Due to our diligence and expert staff, we are committed to providing our customers a quality product.

Our conscientious approach to providing our customers a product they can rely on and one that we can be proud of has made us a leader in this field. With 100% testing during the production process we are sure to deliver a top quality product. Due to this highest quality level, the field failure rate with less than 1 ppm since several years is extremely low – and even these failures were caused by extreme climatic circumstances.

Due to our high quality standards, Hydra has become one of the leading suppliers for the white goods market where Hydra provides capacitors for all major appliance manufacturers.

Hydra also provides its products to nearly all producers of pumps, motors, compressors and also motors for window shutters.

Hydra is one of the leading suppliers in these mass markets, where quality is a key factor.

In addition, since 2015 Hydra has become very strong in the market of Power Capacitors. This strong increase is the result of high quality, flexibility in custom made capacitors, short lead times and our commitment to you.

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