Advanced Technology Valve S.P.A.

Advanced Technology Valve S.P.A.

Via Ombriano, 2, 23823 Colico LC, Italy

AboutAdvanced Technology Valve S.P.A.

Advanced Technology Valve (shortly ATV) is a privately owned company whose mission is to serve the energy industry with products of the highest standard of reliability.

ATV company headquarters and manufacturing facilities, located in Colico, approximately hundred kilometers north of Milan on the eastern shore of lake Como, cover an area of 40.000 square meters. 

ATV supplies to the offshore industry a full range of valves and actuators that can operate at great ocean depths (deep and ultra-deep waters, up to 3.000 m) with working pressure up to 20000 psi. Moreover, ATV offers a full range of valves for hydrocarbons processing, for pipeline applications and for both the fossil power and nuclear power industries.

ATV adapts its products to the unique needs of their clients while carefully complying with international standards. The company is deeply investing to do innovation in the valve industry in view of offering  highly qualified products for the new challenges.


ATV is a young company with a highly qualified staff: continuous effort in pursuing frontier challenging solutions in support of clients needs has created a strong basis for advanced and diffused technological know-how throughout ATV functions. The company continuously invests  time and resources to strengthen the technical expertise of its employees, from the new recruit to the seniors.

The company founders have pioneered technological development in the valve industry for forty years and remain committed to providing solutions to the ever-evolving project requirements of the present. Teams of engineers with focus to disciplines such as structural analysis, fatigue analysis, risk analysis, flow modelling, material engineering, fracture mechanics, welding processes and volumetric examination work together to ensure the dependability of ATV products.


Since 2006, ATV has continually invested on manufacturing capabilities to improve efficiency and enhance quality: the company employs the last generation state-of-art equipment, including an outstanding welding department, under strict process control.

Production takes place at the company’s sole site in Colico: all production phases, from machining to welding, from assembly to quality controls and testing are carried out in-house. The full control of the critical manufacturing processes is the way to obtain the highest level of quality.

ATV has a comprehensive and robust Quality System, according to API Specification Q1 (9th Edition) and ISO 9001:2015, specifically designed to support the production of valves for the most critical applications. A highly skilled and trained QC team, supervised by Level III engineer, carries out ATV Quality Control activities.

Raw materials and commercials are purchased from top tier suppliers: forgings and castings only from Italian and European top quality sources. Springs, bolting and gaskets from specialized international suppliers. The procurement process is based on a sophisticated Vendor Quality Management System with stringent qualification process and frequent Suppliers evaluation.