ABB has been awarded $100 million power order to…

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ABB has been awarded $100 million power order to strengthen transmission grid in China

ABB has been awarded $100 million power order to strengthen transmission grid in China


Switzerland-based ABB group has won $100 million order to supply converter transformers and components including wall bushings and circuit breakersfor the Lingzhou-Shaoxing ultrahigh-voltage direct current (UHVDC) transmission link in China.


This link will be the 7th 800 kilovolt (kV) UHVDC transmission system in the country and will help to deliver more electricity from remote power plants in China’s interior to growing urban areas, over longer distances with fewer losses. The long-distance Lingzhou-Shaoxing (LingShao) +/- 800 kilovolt (kV) UHVDC transmission project will transfer 8,000 megawatts (MW) of power from Lingzhou in the northwestern Ningxia region to Shaoxing in the eastern Zhejiang province, stretching over a distance exceeding 1,700 kilometers.

This will be the world’s first 750 kV ultra-high-voltage alternating current (AC) to 800 kV UHVDC connection, an innovation that enhances the efficiency and capacity of long-distance UHV electricity delivery systems necessary for China’s growing economy. The products provided by ABB are scheduled to be commissioned in 2016.

ABB will supply 800 kV UHVDC converter transformers and components.These UHVDC transformers are based on innovative technology, for the first time connecting a 750 kV AC power supply grid that collects electricity from an array of power generation plants to an 800 kV UHVDC link.


Company Name ABB
Location China
Type UHVDC Transmission Link
Estimated Cost $100 million
ABB To Supply Converter Transformers And Components 

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