Solaris ELSD Nitrogen Generator

Peak Scientific's Solaris nitrogen generator has been engineered and designed as a gas delivery solution for ELSD, Compact Mass Spectrometer instruments and TLD readers which can reduce downtime and increase workflow efficiencies. Built in Peak's state of the art ISO:9001 manufacturing facility by Peak's team of highly skilled and experienced gas generator engineers, Solaris can provide 10L/min of high purity nitrogen (up to 99.5%).

Developed with a space-saving design, Solaris can be placed on a benchtop and paired with an additional air compressor unit to provide air supply for labs without an in-house air supply or who wish to contain their gas supply in a single system.


  • Variable outlet flow, pressure and purity
  • Nitrogen for ELSD at up to 10 L/min, 100 psi and up to 99.5% purity
  • Compact benchtop form factor, discrete aesthetic styling
  • Color indicative LED lighting for easy status awareness
  • Optional Solaris Air Compressor stackable module
  • Engineered on reliable and proven existing technology
  • Manufactured and tested to highest spec in UK, CE/FCC certified
  • 12 month comprehensive on-site warranty.

Technical Specifications


  Gas Type   Nitrogen
  Gas Volume Flow Rate   0.1 l/min
  Inlet Pressure   5.44 – 8.846 atm (80 – 130 psi)
  Outlet Pressure   Up to 6.8 atm (100 psi)
  Voltage   110 – 230 VAC
  Frequency   50/60 Hz
  Current   Up to 0.03 A
  Size (h x w x d)   156 x 417 x 540 mm
  Generator Weight   12 kg