Communicate securely to SCADA systems, the smartRTU addresses requirements for 100 % reliable remote surveillance and control of distributed assets, even in extreme climates. With powerful functions like diagnostics, alarm and event-storage and time trend data buffering, it meets the challenges of managing massively distributed assets such as data security, interfacing issues, data continuity and reliable communications.

Mitsubishi Electric‘s meets these demands with the smartRTU. It supports protocols such as DNP3 and IEC 60870. The smart- RTU combines the reliability and robustness of our standard PLC technology with a smart communication gateway, the ME-RTU gateway. Depending on the size and complexity of the application, select the required smartRTU power, pairing the ME-RTU with either an FX-, L-, or Q-Series PLC.

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Mitsubishi Electric‘s smartRTU combines the needs of a large number of industries into a single device that is simpler than conventional RTUs, yet provides powerful capabilities that can be easily deployed and administered, even by staff with low skill levels. The smartRTU is scalable from a handful of sites to many hundreds with remote configuration management.

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