Grinding and Polishing Machines

Metkon’s DIGIPREP Velox grinding & polishing machines/systems are available with 4 grinding/polishing stations (1 coarse grinding, 1 fine grinding and 2 polishing) which can accommodate 250 mm diameter wheel as well as 300 mm. diameter wheels.

We are the leading preeminent Grinding & polishing equipment manufacturer across the globe.  Our Fully Automatic Programmable Grinding/Polishing System is developed for operator free sample preparation. It helps to get high volume sample throughput starting from planar/coarse grinding to cleaning and drying.

You can configure grinding/polishing stations independently based on the specific requirement of the abrasives. Extremely flat specimen surfaces can be achieved through vibration free, robust steel construction.

Standard accessory of DIGIPREP Velox is fully automatic sample cleaning station with eater and ethanol. All traces of contamination tightly adhering or embedded onto specimen surfaces can be done through optional Ultrasonic Cleaning.

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