Company : Litre Meter Ltd

Category : Oil and Gas

Pelton Wheel flow meter

Pelton Wheel turbine, strictly this should be called a radial turbine, was developed for low flow and wide ranging applications. It is best suited to low viscosity fluids typically less than 5 or 10cP. The no-drag pickup and jewelled (sapphire/sapphire) bearings coupled with a flat-blade design give it a turndown ratio i.e. maximum flow compared to minimum flow of up to 280:1. All the flow travels through the turbine on the low flow designs. At ½" and above, when the flow exceeds 30 litres per minute, the same turbine is mounted across an integral orifice (MM version). The output of frequency is still linear to flow rate and can be applied to line sizes up to 2" and higher.

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