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Linear transducers TMP + MP200 Magnetic

Linear transducers TMP + MP200 Magnetic

The linear magnetic measuring system TM+MP200 consists of the magnetic transducer TM and the magnetic band MP200, contactless, releaving the polarized fields of the magnetic band, the scanning head TM is contained in a compact and strong metal case, and it is available with reading resolution 0.1 mm (TM10) or 0.01 mm (TM100). An electronic zero pulse is generated each 4 mm (type TM10C/TM100C), or matching with one or more external magnets (TM10E/TM100E).

Linear transducers TMP + MP200 Magnetic Characteristics

Operating temperature                                0 ÷ 50° C

Frequency                                                       300 KHz

Sensor distance                                            0,3 ÷ 1,2 mm

Phase displacement                                    90° ± 5° electrical degrees Output signals     

Push-pull                                                         line-driver

Standard cable                                               Lunghezza 2 m

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