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Bray Valves & Drives Europe

Europark Fichtenhain A 13b D-47807, Krefeld Germany

Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Drive-Series-98

Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Drive-Series-98

Bray's outstanding engineering and precision manufacturing has resulted in a modular product line optimized for mounting on Bray fittings. In addition, all Bray accessories are fully configurable and can be mounted directly on the drive - providing flexibility and efficiency at a reduced cost.

The 98 series actuators are designed primarily for pneumatic operation up to a maximum pressure of 10 bar (150 psi) and for a temperature range of -46 ° C to + 149 ° C (-50 ° F to 300 ° F)

  • The compact design offers a large ratio between torque and weight.

  • The modular design allows for easy on-site configuration

  • The alignment of the modules is ensured by precisely machined centering rings

  • Drive torque is between 4500 and 100,000 Nm (4,000 to 885,000 lb / in)

  • The torque at the spring end is between 65 and 49,720 Nm (575 to 44,000 lb / in)

  • Standard with premium epoxy / polyurethane coating

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