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Moisture Measurement

Moisture Measurement

Neutron Moisture Gauges

The Berthold Moisture Analyzers are used to measure the moisture in bulk materials online during the ongoing process. They help to provide rapid and precise real time information on the current water content.

The moisture measurement takes place non-contacting, which ensures long-term operation and is free of wear and tear. Our analyzers work on the basic principle – microwave transmission radiometric technology.

We are capable of providing the best solution for the most challenging measurement tasks as both technologies complement each other perfectly.

Berthold moisture measurement:

Microwave Moisture Analyzer MicroPolar LB 567 / LB 568:This highly accurate moisture meter is used for all kind of bulk materials and is non-contacting, reliable and maintenance free.

Radiometric Moisture Measurement LB 350: is very responsive and robust and can be used with high accuracy and reliability on materials such as coke, sinter, ore and sand.

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