Level Measuring System

Berthold Technologies’ Process Control division provides solutions for level measuring systems including Mold level measurements.Being the global leader in radiometric technology, our products are known for their exceptional measurement performance and consistency.

Continuous level measurement: Our non-contacting and non-intrusive level measurement gauges are used to measure measuring ranges, ranging from a few millimeters up to several dozen meters. They do not come into contact withthe measured material as the components are mounted on the outer wall. Hence, they are not exposed to wear and tear.

Level switch measurement: They are applicable on all kinds of reactors, vessels, autoclaves, or bunkers. Our switches are non-contacting and non-intrusive. They are used in various industries, providing either a high or low level alarm.

Interface measurement:Using the radiometric measurement solutions, the interface between two liquid phases or the height of different product layers can be easily determined. Our products are used to monitor emulsion layers. Separation processes can be reliably monitored by measuring the density profile of the liquids.

Measurement of mold level is used in continuous casting applications. As we are the global leader in radiometric mold level measurement, we help our clients to run a stable, casting process, ensuring high steel quality and consistency.


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